AC311A flew over the Qilian Mountains for the first time

AC311A flew over the Qilian Mountains for the first time

5-May-2017 Source: Aviation Industry Corporation of China

China Aviation Industry Helicopter Miles trip activities in the third station in Qinghai Province Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture state Delhi city held.

Delingha is located in the northern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an average elevation of 2980 meters, belonging to the typical plateau region. This natural condition poses a very high demand for the use of helicopters. In order to show the excellent performance and wide adaptability of the domestic AC311A helicopter, helicopter Miles activities held a flight show in Delingha, which flew over the Qilian Mountains and took off and landed unmanned lakes.

At 8:30 on April 24, with the launch of the helicopter engine, flight show activities officially began. AC311A by the Haixi special police detachment training ground took off, after flying over the northern Qilian Mountains arrived at the destination – 4078 meters above sea level Hala Lake no man’s land. After a short stay, AC311A successfully returned to the Haixi special police detachment training field. At this point, the plateau flight show was a success.

After the flight, Xu Wei, deputy general manager of China Aviation Industry Changfei, briefed the state government leaders and the media on the performance characteristics of the AC311A highland helicopter and the significance of the helicopter activities. Hercynian State Committee, political and legal committee secretary Wang Jingzhai said in an interview, through the helicopter Miles activities personally experience the superior performance of domestic helicopters, the current Hercynian in the rescue, air patrol, rapid response, maintenance of security and Many areas have urgent demand for helicopters, hoping domestic AC311A helicopter in these areas to show their talents.

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