emsCharts and STAT MedEvac Announce Contract Extension

emsCharts and STAT MedEvac Announce Contract Extension

16-May-2017 Source: emsCharts

emsCharts, a leader in Electronic Patient Care Records (ePCR) and Fire Reporting for public safety professionals, and STAT MedEvac, one of the largest single operated and dispatched air medical transport programs within the United States, are proud to announce a 5-year contract extension for STAT MedEvac to continue to utilize the emsCharts ePCR for clinical charting.

emsCharts, a subsidiary of Golden Hour, will continue to provide access to the emsCharts clinical charting service in support of all air and ground operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, New York, and Washington, DC. This contract extension agreement applies to all air transports from seventeen (17) STAT MedEvac bases, as well as all ground transports originating from various locations in support of STAT MedEvac air operations.

“We are proud that STAT MedEvac has decided to remain with emsCharts and continue to utilize our services in support of all their air and ground operations,” said Pete Goutmann, President & CTO of emsCharts. “Many years ago, STAT MedEvac became the first user of the emsCharts clinical charting solution. We look forward to retaining STAT MedEvac as a strategic customer for many years into the future.”

“After a comprehensive review of the other clinical charting solutions within the EMS industry, we have decided to remain with emsCharts,” said Doug Garretson, CEO of STAT MedEvac. “This decision was based on many factors including product functionality, customer support responsiveness, NEMSIS reporting assistance, and new emsCharts modules that are in production and in development.”

STAT MedEvac, a service of The Center for Emergency Medicine that provides air medical transport to patients with critical illnesses or injuries, will also have continued access to NEMSIS export support and the robust emsCharts product line that includes emsCharts Web, Mobile, Tablet, EKG, API, CAD Import, Billing Export, Remote Downloader, Analytics, and Status Board.

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