Rogerson Kratos UH-60A Upgrades with Cockpit Modernization

Rogerson Kratos UH-60A Upgrades with Cockpit Modernization

22-May-2017 Source: Rogerson Kratos

Most foreign operators want the utility of being able to use aircraft assets for more than one purpose. This allows investments and costs to be spread over a number of value uses. To be successful with this strategy, the special equipment required for each role needs to be installable quickly, the aircraft is capable of being certified in the desired configuration, and the avionics needs to work in concert with the added role without burdensome workload increases in the cockpit.

Rogerson Kratos is working with several partners to integrate the multiple roles. An armed offering will be important for attack and security operations. The MEDEVAC role is important for both civil and military operations, as well as the Search & Rescue role. The logistics capabilities are enhanced by the cargo hook, as well as internal cargo capability to carry supplies for humanitarian relief. Truly, the Black Hawk is an ideal multi-mission aircraft.

Rogerson Kratos CEO, Michael Rogerson, said at the conference that “This Program is focused on proving the value of not only using Black Hawks for military purposes, but also for humanitarian, public safety, and interoperability cooperation. The integrated Rogerson Kratos system has a number of additional features that the current standard production cockpit doesn’t come with. The Rogerson Kratos multimission program takes advantage of that capability.”

The initial basic goal of replacing the analog gauges with digital electronic instrumentation grew into more than greater situational awareness and reduced pilot workload as it became clear how the upgrade can help expand mission roles and also enable the use of the aircraft as a force multiplier for other modernized Black Hawk acquisitions.

Rogerson Kratos is confident the significant costs savings of its UH-60 solution for both A and L models will open new opportunities for extending the life of operators’ legacy aircraft. The solutions being worked with respected industry partners represent a best in class for the challenging needs of these missions.

Rogerson Kratos is a world aviation leader in the integration, design, production, and support of avionics and digital electronic systems for commercial and government helicopter solutions.

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