Phoenix Ranger-LR at the ALEA Expo

Phoenix Ranger-LR at the ALEA Expo

31-Jul-2017 Source: Helinet Aviation

Helinet Aviation, a provider of aviation technology solutions to the law enforcement and public safety markets, announced today the acquisition of a Phoenix Ranger-LR unit for airborne applications. The company will be showcasing the device at the ALEA Expo in Reno, Nevada this week. Designed for the most advanced mapping, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) measures distances by illuminating targets with a high-precision laser and interpreting the results from the reflected light.

The Phoenix Ranger-LR produces photorealistic 3D point cloud data collected efficiently over extensive regions, which for law enforcement purposes specifically, can provide greater context, awareness, and tactical accuracy. Currently, agencies typically use ground based LiDAR as a crime scene mapping technology for forensics. Aerial LiDAR from a drone or helicopter has proven to be efficient for larger, outdoor scenes as line-of-sight issues can restrict ground LiDAR scans from capturing the entire area. Using multiple scans requires stitching which can negatively impact resolution and accuracy. Airborne LiDAR produces data on everything within its massive swath with pinpoint accuracy, significantly reducing the need for stitching.

“Drone based LiDAR is another emerging tool for law enforcement to gather valuable information and tactically assess large areas,” said Helinet President & COO Jim McGowan. “We look forward to supporting agencies across the country with this newly acquired and powerful airborne technology.”

Additional benefits of aerial LiDAR for law enforcement include exposing unmapped trails hidden in remote backwoods, determining width, elevation, and length of roads, detecting micro topography hidden by vegetation, and gathering ground surface information affected by human activities.

Helinet’s technology group specializes in supplying turnkey mission system solutions and services. Helinet also supplies unequaled drone services and support through its accomplished field operations capability.

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