Singapore based Apeiron Aviation sign for 25+ aircraft from Russian Helicopters

Singapore based Apeiron Aviation sign for 25+ aircraft from Russian Helicopters

2-Aug-2017 Source: Russian Helicopters

United Helicopters – Hong Kong based authorized distributor of Russian Helicopters have signed 06.07.17 the dealership agreement with Singapore based Apeiron Aviation Private Limited. The company will become an official dealer of Russian-made helicopters. 

The signed contract shall have provided the sales of at least 25 helicopters for 5 years period. These helicopters produced by the Russian Helicopters, including the following types:

– Mi-8/17/171 – not less than 6 units

– Ka-32A11 BC – not less than 5 units

– ANSAT – not less than 14 units over the specified period.

“We live in unlimited possibilities, when technologies allow us to carry out tasks that have recently seemed unworkable. And we are pleased to realize that we are making available socially important technologies for safety, rescue, medical assistance and firefighting, supplying effective target helicopters from one of the world’s leading manufacturers – Russian Helicopters. Moreover, the affordable cost of helicopters is important, which makes them the most competitive and affordable in its class”, – said Li Xuefeng, Managing Director of United Helicopters.

Most of the supplied helicopters are equipped with medical equipment. SAR Helicopters of Russian assembly have high competitiveness, since they have high reliability, technical equipment, flight characteristics and low operating costs. Correlations multitasking and reliable helicopter used high-tech and highly competitive compared to other international producers to make models ANSAT, Ka32 and Mi-171 the best choice in the current market.

Ansat is a light twin-engine multirole helicopter with a hydro-mechanical flight control system. In May 2015, the modification with a medical module was certified. It complies with all international standards for medical aviation and allows saving a patient’s life during transporting to a hospital.

The medevac Ansat has a number of competitive advantages over rivals in its class. First of all, it requires less operational, training and maintenance expenses. In addition, it can maintain high speed, which allows use in long-range trips. This helicopter its design allows to convert it into a cargo version or into a passenger rotorcraft that can lift up to seven people, in just one hour.

“The Apeiron group of companies is a large international trader with well established relationships with strong partners and clients in various regions. As a growing and dynamic company, we see global trends in the economy, corporate business and infrastructure, and we see the growing potential of the helicopter business in specific markets. Helicopters are multitasking, they can be used in different areas of business and private transportation, to solve problems of law enforcement, fire-fighting, search and rescue, and medical evacuation; they are an integral part of the economy. In this regard, our company has opened a separate unit, which will deal with the aviation business. We continue to see an increasing demand for helicopters, both for new deliveries and replacement opportunities. Specifically, the market for smaller helicopters covered by the air chartering, business and private sectors has the biggest growth potential,”- noted Chris Chen, managing director of Apeiron Aviation at the signing ceremony.

“The oil and gas sector remains active as lower oil price is driving the need for even more efficient helicopters in the medium sizes, along with replacement of existing helicopters in other civil entities,”- Chris added.

Chris Chen is also the co-founder of Apeiron AgroCommodities, a commodity trading company headquartered in Singapore. Chris indicated that he expects to see more cross links between the trading and aviation companies, especially in the form of barter trades of commodity products for helicopters between government agencies.

Apeiron Aviation is a Singapore based company with a presence in Dubai, Middle East as well. The company was founded due to an increasing demand in helicopters from the clients of Apeiron AgroCommodities in the resource sector. Apeiron Aviation serves to service the government, transportation, resource, and oil and gas sectors.

Apeiron AgroCommodities was founded in 2007 for the trading of commodity products with a focus in the biodiesel and biomass sectors. Initial trades were within Asia but over the past decade, Apeiron’s trading reach now spans across South and North Asia, Middle East, South America and Europe. Apeiron ranks in the top 100 Singapore companies with high international turnover and is one of the top privately held companies in Singapore.

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