South Australia Police update EC130 with Wescam EO/IR

South Australia Police update EC130 with Wescam EO/IR

14-Aug-2017 Source: South Australia Police

South Australia Police (SAPOL) have rolled out highly sophisticated infra-red sensor technology among the vital equipment used on the State Rescue Helicopter.

The infra-red sensors, funded by the State Government and SAPOL, were installed late last year as part of a significant technology upgrade to the helicopter currently used by SAPOL.

“These sensors replaced the outdated FLIR camera system, and have significantly increased our capabilities especially at night,” Superintendent David O’Donovan, the officer in charge of the Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) Group.

“In essence the Wescam EOIRS is a highly sophisticated camera system that provides high definition images using visible light, or by creating an image from infra-red radiation typically emitted from everyday objects.

Over the first six months of operation, the new camera technology has proven invaluable in operational circumstances.

“It has allowed us to find missing people in challenging circumstances at night, directing rescuers to their location with invaluable precision and assisted in the tracking of high-risk offenders in stolen vehicles.

“The integration of this technology has resulted in our helicopters being among the most mission-capable in the world.”

SAPOL’s aircrew, who are part of STAR Group, are fully trained in the use of the system, with one sensor permanently affixed to one helicopter, and a second sensor is capable of being fitted to the two other helicopters used by the State Rescue Helicopter Service.

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