Russian Helicopters concludes training of foreign technical personnel

Russian Helicopters concludes training of foreign technical personnel

21-Aug-2017 Source: Russian Helicopters

Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company (AAC Progress) of Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) concluded practical training of the technical personnel of the group of foreign military specialists within the framework of the first export contract.

The first batch of the foreign specialists arrived at the enterprise facilities on 1 June of the current year. 24 technical specialists and 10 pilots were undergoing training in the aviation training center of the enterprise during 2 months and a half.

A special training program with the participation of AAC Progress specialists and Kamov test pilots as instructors was developed for the customer’s representatives. The program includes the whole range of knowledge and skills required for flying Ka-52 Alligator surveillance and attack helicopter, including exercises at the firing ground.

The trainees noted a high level of competence of the instructors from among the leading specialists of the enterprise as well as professionalism of interpreters involved in the training process.

“Training of the customer’s military specialists is one of the key areas of cooperation given that we transfer not only materiel to our partners but also all the necessary expertise for its correct operation. Ka-52 helicopter is able to fully reveal its potential and demonstrate the highest flight performance when operated by pilots and technicians trained by Russian Helicopters specialists.” –  Vladislav Savelyev, deputy director general of Russian Helicopters Holding Company, emphasized.

The classrooms of the center used for theory training are equipped with personal computerized work stations and electronic demonstration systems, which ensured both general familiarization of the group with the material as well as individual task performance. Practical exercises for the technical personnel were conducted in specialized laboratories and stationary training helicopter sites with the use of real test equipment and ground support equipment.

Upon the completion of training of the technical personnel from the first batch of the foreign specialists at AAC Progress, a certificate delivery ceremony took place with the participation of the enterprise’s executives and specialists of the aviation training center.

“It was the first graduation of foreign students from our training center and I have to say that we all learned together. We will take into consideration all the issues that arose during the training process and will receive the second batch even at higher level.” – Yuriy Denisenko, executive director of AAC Progress, noted.

The training of the flight personnel from the first batch of foreign specialists is still in course and is planned to be completed in September of this year. On the whole, about 30 foreign pilots and over 70 technicians divided in 3 batches will undergo training in the specialized training center during this year. 

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