Med-Trans Director Earns AAMS Jim Charlson Safety Award

Med-Trans Director Earns AAMS Jim Charlson Safety Award 16 Oct, 17, Source: Med-Trans

Krista Haugen, Director of Patient Safety and Medical Risk Management for Med-Trans Corporation since 2016, has been given the prestigious 2017 Jim Charlson Safety Award by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS). AAMS’ highest safety award, sponsored by Airbus Helicopters, Inc., recognizes individuals who make significant contributions to the enhancement, development, and promotion of aviation safety.

After surviving a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service crash in Olympia, Wash. in 2005, a month after three of her colleagues perished in another crash, Krista found

Krista Haugen herself in uncharted territory. She became aware that the magnitude of resources needed after this type of trauma was not available.

Haugen, a flight nurse, reached out to flight nurses Megan Hamilton, Teresa Keeler and Jonathan Godfrey, also HEMS crash survivors. They shared their post-crash experiences and recognized a gap in the air medical transport industry and they filled it. The need was clear and the Survivors Network for the Air Medical Community was born.

“With more than 25 years in emergency critical care and flight nursing, and as a helicopter EMS crash survivor, Krista is passionate about mitigating the human cost of trauma stemming from incidents, accidents, illnesses, and injuries,” said AAMS President and CEO Rick Sherlock. “We are proud of her concern and passion for air medical transport safety.”

Haugen participates in many industry activities, is a published writer and travels the country speaking as a safety advocate. Her commitment to critical care transport reverberates in her own words:

“Over the course of my career I have witnessed amazing resilience of the human spirit in the face of seemingly unbearable tragedy. Despite the grief, losses and trauma you too can find beauty rising from tragedy, faith rising from despair and light shining in the darkness. Those who devote their lives to EMS and air medical transport are resilient, compassionate and dedicated professionals.”

Med-Trans President Rob Hamilton said, “We are so proud of Krista Haugen and her commitment to HEMS safety. She has brought that passion and concern to Med-Trans and for that our entire company and the industry we serve are grateful.”

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