Kong awarded patent for suspended load stabilisation system

Kong awarded patent for suspended load stabilisation system 20 Nov, 17, Source: USPTO

The present invention relates to an automatic system suitable for reducing the speed of rotation of one or more suspended loads, preferably where said rotation is originated by the flow tube located downstream preferably of the blades of the helicopter whereto said loads are attached, or by any other cause, and whose mechanical operation is based on the use of at least one aerodynamic surface, which automatically positions so as to exert, through the actual interaction with this flow tube, an aerodynamic moment, with respect to the center of mass of these suspended loads, appropriately contrary to said speed of rotation, so as to determine the slowing and therefore the progressive stabilization thereof.

The automation of this deceleration is obtained through the use of a cycle of automatic control which is based primarily on the interaction, obtained with a processor, between an element responsive to said speed of rotation and an actuator capable of rotating said aerodynamic surface. Said system may be particularly useful in helicopter rescue operations, especially during the phase of ascent of the suspended load, mainly consisting of a rescuer, stretcher and injured person lying on the same.

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