TSO obtained by Jupiter Avionics for JA94 Dual Audio Controller

TSO obtained by Jupiter Avionics for JA94 Dual Audio Controller 11 Dec, 17, Source: Dallas Avionics

Jupiter Avionics Corporation announced today that their JA94 Dual Audio Controller has obtained Technical Standard Order (TSO) designation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Receiving the TSO means that the JA94 has met all design and production standards required by the FAA.

“We already have customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe that are operating the JA94 on their aircraft,” said Jupiter president Mitch Stinson. “Our customers already enjoy full pin for pin compatibility, night vision goggle compatibility, complimentary interchangeable legends, programmable configuration and duplex mode transmission among many other features on the JA94. The device also supports eight users: pilot, co-pilot, and up to 6 passengers. The TSO will allow installing agencies an easier path to certifying their JA94 installations.”

The JA94 is distributed by Dallas Avionics.  “Jupiter Avionics’ efforts to obtain the TSO is another reason why we support and sell their products,” said Dallas Avionics Vice President of Sales Scott Davis. “The TSO lets everyone know that the JA94 meets the FAA quality standards, but I know that Jupiter’s design and production standards are much higher than the TSO requirements.  Our customers demand programmability, customization and quality products to meet their specific needs and the JA94 accomplishes all of that.”

Jupiter Avionics offers additional communication options based on customer needs.  For additional product information contact Dallas Avionics at 800-527-2581.

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