Life Link III to add Wisconsin base in 2018

Life Link III to add Wisconsin base in 2018 13 Dec, 17, Source: Life Link III

Life Link III is pleased to announce that Marshfield Clinic Health System will be joining as a member of the Life Link III consortium and plans to establish a new base of operations in Marshfield, Wisconsin with initial coverage beginning in early 2018 with full operations ramping up in the following months. Marshfield Clinic Health System marks the tenth member of the Life Link III consortium, a unique model which focuses on collaboration across competing health care providers to advance access to critical care.

The Marshfield base will be a 24-hour operation, establishing Life Link III’s eighth base throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. This base of operations will be located in Marshfield, Wisconsin at the Marshfield Clinic Medical Center campus. Using a hangar, offices, and fuel system already in place, Life Link III will bring the highest quality air medical transport service to this region and surrounding communities.

“Life Link III will allow us to strengthen our ability to transport and care for patients at a critical time for their health care needs,” said Dr. Susan Turney, CEO of Marshfield Clinic Health System. “Partnering with this team of committed, trusted professionals gives our patients and families reassurance that their needs will be met as timely and efficiently as possible.”

Edward Eroe, President and CEO of Life Link III stated, “With the support of our Board of Directors, Life Link III is proud to welcome Marshfield Clinic Health System as our tenth Life Link III consortium member. Through our shared commitment of providing the highest level of patient care, we look forward to our partnership and serving the residents and surrounding areas of central and northern Wisconsin through our new base at Marshfield Clinic Medical Center campus.”

By using its ‘One Call’ system, Life Link III will continue to work collaboratively with other air medical transport services to dispatch the most appropriate helicopter, whether it is Life Link III’s or another service. Stated Eroe, “This translates to doing what’s best for the patient on every transport.”

As the largest hospital-based non-profit consortium program in the United States with ten member-owners, Life Link III has a nearly 33-year history of demonstrating its dedication to improving patient care and transport safety. In October 2017, Life Link III was named Air Medical Transport Program of the Year, an international honor that recognizes an air medical program that has demonstrated a superior level of patient care, management prowess, and quality leadership through visionary and innovative approaches, customer service, safety consciousness, community service and commitment to the medical transport community as a whole.

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