New developments for the Bell 412

New developments for the Bell 412

20-Dec-2017 Source:

Bell has plans for a new version of their popular 412 twin.  On 8th December, Bell Canada registered C-FYVM with MSN 39101, a big departure from their current MSN series which started at 37001 and currently runs to 37039 for the 412EPI.  Although listed as a 412EP, this newly registered aircraft is marked as “Experimental”. approached Bell for comment, and all they would say is the non-committal “The Bell 412 continues to be an extremely important product in our commercial aircraft portfolio. At this time, we have no updates to announce regarding the Bell 412 program.”

We will continue investigating this new model.  Perhaps a new unannounced military order, perhaps a new development of the 412 airframe which first flew in August 1979 from a conversion of 212 airframe.

The MSN numbering series used thus far for Bell-produced 412s are as follows

33001 to 33213 The original 412, and later the 412SP – production line in Texas
33501 to 33508 Saudi military order
35001 to 36705 412SP, 412HP, 412EP – production line in Canada
37001 to 37039 (latest) – current 412EPI production line in Canada
39101 new series, as above
46400 to 46499 Canadian military order
55001 onwards UH-1Y – remanufactured from UH-1N airframes
55101 onwards UH-1Y – new build airframes

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