Faasa Aviation wins 12 month extension to firefighting contract in Andalucia

Faasa Aviation wins 12 month extension to firefighting contract in Andalucia

2-Jan-2018 Source: Andalucia Government

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The Governing Council has authorized the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning an expense of 14.57 million euros for the extension , for one year, of the hiring of helicopters for the fight against forest fires , with the company Faasa aviation . This lot, whose validity ends next December 31, is one of the five that form part of the global contract of aerial means of the Plan Infoca subscribed in 2014 for four campaigns.

The aircraft subject to the extension are 19 light and medium-weight helicopters of extinction and transport of brigades and groups of specialists . Also i ncludes logistics and service crews . The current quadrennial contract amounts to a total of 69.88 million euros and includes, in addition, five other helicopters, three air coordination aircraft and six ground cargo aircraft .

Along with these aerial means, the Plan Infoca of prevention and fight against forest fires has two amphibious planes and one of load in earth, as well as with two helicopters of great capacity, contributed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Feeding and Environingingment , and another one of transport and extinction that facilitates the public company Enresa.

The planes and helicopters Infoco have their main bases in 23 Forest Defense Centers distributed by Andalusia’s eight provinces. Once they receive the warning, they intervene in the attack on fire by transporting specialists and discharging water and foam. Transport and extinguishing helicopters are also used to transport specialist personnel. Other functions in which aircraft participate are the taking of images, support for surveillance and inspection work and tasks related to the protection of the natural environment and environmental emergencies. All devices have water tanks, communication equipment, GPS, emergency beacon, internal and external public address system, siren for warning of downloads and mobile telephony.

In addition to the 39 aircraft (33 of the Board, five of the Central Administration and one of Enresa), the Infoca Plan is integrated in the current campaign by 4,400 professionals, 115 heavy vehicles (98 pumps and 17 wet nurses), the Monitoring Unit and Analysis of Forest Fires and eight units of meteorology and transmission .

During the last campaign of 2017 , the aerial means of the Plan Infoca carried out 1,064 interventions in 373 accidents , which meant around 1,479 flight hours and the launching of more than 22,350 cubic meters of water and 490 ammonia retardant to control the progress of the flames and ensure safety.

On the other hand, the Governing Council has agreed to sanction with 215,000 euros to the entity Caixabank, SA, by introducing unfair terms in credit card contracts , savings accounts and demand deposits. They were unduly included commissions of 30 and 35 euros for “management of claims of unpaid.”

The procedure was initiated after the complaint made in February 2016 by a user of the branch of the entity in Plaza Corredera, 5, El Arahal (Seville). After its reception, the Consumer Inspection required a copy of other contracts for subscribed cards and in three of them the same infraction was found, qualified as serious by the autonomic legislation. However, the sanctioning file raised it to very serious when concurring the aggravating circumstance of affecting goods or services of ordinary or generalized use or consumption, such as banking and financial. The circumstance of reiteration has also been taken into account,having been sanctioned the company in the two previous years for violating the regulations on consumer matters.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has also been authorized to grant aid of 3.51 million euros to the company Epic Aqua Solea, SA, in order to support its project for the installation of an intensive sole farm in The Port of Santa María (Cádiz) . The initiative will involve a total investment of 16.6 million euros and the creation of 25 direct and 75 indirect jobs in a first phase.

New statutes of the University of Córdoba

The Governing Council , at the request of the University of Córdoba (UCO ) , has approved the new statutes of this institution, which replace those in force since 2003 . The text, which was previously approved by the Senate last July, is adapted to the current state and regional legislations on matters of universities, technology and innovation and public administration procedures.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and the General Mutual Society of Civil Servants of the State (Muface) will sign a collaboration agreement for doctors of the Junta de Andalucía can offer technical-sanitary support in the management of dossiers related to the complementary services offered this entity, basically related to orthoprosthetic services, pharmacy and reimbursement of expenses. The Governing Council has agreed to the signing of the agreement, which replaces the one in force since 2010 and will be valid for four years .

Finally, the Governing Council has agreed to dismiss the request made by the Official College of Experts and Industrial Technical Engineers of Huelva to change its name to that of ‘Graduates in Engineering of the Industrial branch of Engineering, Industrial Technical Engineers and Industrial Experts from Huelva ‘

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