MedEvac Completes Developing HEMS Capacity Study

MedEvac Completes Developing HEMS Capacity Study 10 Jan, 18, Source: MedEvac

The MedEvac Foundation International is pleased to announce the completion of theDeveloping HEMS Capacity study.  Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) are a vital link to the healthcare systems of many countries around the world, however, these critical services do not exist, even in many of the world’s most economically developed nations and regions.  The MedEvac Foundation, along with valued partner Bell Helicopter, recognized the need to educate any nation, currently without HEMS capability, on the unique and life-saving benefits provided by air medical services.

The resulting product of this study, entitled Establishing Air Medical Programs for the Next Generation, offers a comprehensive framework for developed or developing countries to use as a guide when establishing air medical systems for their most critically ill and injured patients.  The document can be used to educate national leaders, legislators, regulators, and business leaders on the unique and life-saving medical services provided by HEMS operators and the benefits of these HEMS programs to their nations, businesses, hospitals, and the general population.

“The MedEvac Foundation International, in partnership with Bell Helicopter, is honored to have taken part in this extensive and exquisitely prepared landmark study designed to take the guesswork out of HEMS start up, and also provide programs with a template to verify their current programs,” said MedEvac Foundation Board Chairman, Johnny Delgado.  “While it contemplates the cultural, regulatory and country differences, it establishes the basic safety, administrative and operational logistics for a well-integrated air ambulance service.”

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