Total UK awarded Wiking Helicopters 2 year Jet A-1 contract

Total UK awarded Wiking Helicopters 2 year Jet A-1 contract 30 Jan, 18, Source: TOTAL UK

Air Total has been awarded a 2 year Jet A-1 Contract with Wiking Helicopters to commence in January 2018 to work on the Galloper Wind Farm project. Managed by Innogy SE on behalf of the other partners the project will generate enough power for up to 380,700 homes. Around 700 UK jobs are being created during the construction of the wind farm, and 90 long-term east coast jobs will be created, once it is operational.

Total will supply Wiking with Jet A-1 as well as providing a fully self bunded refuelling tank with pumps that allow Wiking to fuel their aircraft and support a number of offshore customers with personnel and material. As part of this contract Total will assist with practical and fuel quality control training to ensure that Wiking Helicopters are flying their missions as safely as possible.

Since its founding in August 1975, Wiking has flown more than 112,000 flight hours accident-free, mostly in missions in the sea and coastal areas of the North Sea. In addition to supplying offshore facilities, more than 55,000 flights were carried out accident-free in the Seelotsenversetzdienst.

Since the beginning of the first construction activities of offshore wind farms, Wiking has been carrying out supply flights and crew changes in the North Sea

“One of the Total group’s aims is to be the Responsible Energy Major so it made perfect sense for us to support this project and was important for us to do so” Ben Marchant, General Aviation Manager at Total UK

The contract means that Air Total will continue to work closely with Wiking in areas such as fuel quality and standards, as well as ensuring security of supply to ensure the risk of fuel shortage at the site is completely minimised.

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