Alpine first to market certified Bear Paws for B505

Alpine first to market certified Bear Paws for B505 19 Feb, 18, Source: Alpine Aerotech

ALPINE AEROTECH is pleased to announce receipt of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for their robust Bell 505 Bear Paw Kit.

Alpine Aerotech has gained traction in the market recently by developing a superior Bear Paw that retains its shape through continuous use.

“We are consistently looking for new product ideas and developing a Bear Paw Kit for the 505 made sense. We are very excited to be able to deliver the 505 Bear Paw Kits directly to the operators or we can co-ordinate shipments with new aircraft.” explained Jeff Denomme, president at Alpine Aerotech.

The Alpine Aerotech Bear Paw Kits have been designed to retain their shape and also incorporate intelligent retention systems that allow for quick and safe installation/removal. In addition to the Bell 505, Alpine Aerotech also offers superior Bear Paws Kits for the Bell 206L/407, 429 and 205/212/412 aircraft.

Alpine Aerotech is offering a limited time introductory price for the 505 Bear Paw Kit.

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