AgustaWestland Limited awarded patent for Gearbox lubrication

AgustaWestland Limited awarded patent for Gearbox lubrication

1-Mar-2018 Source: USPTO

A helicopter tail rotor gearbox including a housing, an output shaft for connection to a tail rotor rotatably supported in the housing and having an open end therein, an input member rotatably supported in the housing, gearing providing a power transmitting connection between the input member and output shaft, a pitch control shaft for effecting a change in the pitch of the tail rotor, the pitch control shaft being disposed at least partially within the output shaft, rotatable therewith, and movable relative thereto along the rotational axis of the output shaft, an actuating member for effecting axial movement of the pitch control shaft, the actuating member being movable axially of the output shaft but held against rotation therewith, and a bearing assembly positioned in between the pitch control shaft and the actuating member for permitting relative rotation therebetween, wherein the gearbox includes at least one formation for diverting oil, dispersed within the housing in use, towards the open end of the output shaft.

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