Metro makes progress with FOQA program

Metro makes progress with FOQA program 3 Mar, 18, Source: Metro Aviation

The Metro Aviation leadership team continues proving its commitment to safety with the investment of time and resources into training, data mining and operational oversight.  Since receiving approval for its Flight Operations Quality Assurance program in the summer of 2017, Metro has increased its flight data monitoring-equipped aircraft to reflect nearly 65 percent of its entire fleet.  Of the over 80 aircraft equipped, 51 have Outerlink’s IRIS system onboard.

Metro’s FOQA team has reviewed approximately 30,000 events over 14,000 flight hours and counting.  The data gained was used to illustrate positive changes due to revisions in the company’s General Operation Manual (GOM), including reductions in drastic high rates of descent and maximum performance events.  Compared to analytics from 2016, the rate of total events has been reduced by nearly 20 percent.

“Having Outerlink’s IRIS on our aircraft, an active and involved FOQA system, and an improved outcome training program is a game changer for the safety of our company,” said Metro Managing Director Milton Geltz.  “We are able to see where the trends are on a near real-time basis, create a plan and address them with our pilots during their annual check rides and simulator training.”

Metro plans to have its entire fleet equipped with flight data monitoring equipment prior to year-end 2018.  Learn more about Metro’s FOQA program during HELI-EXPO on Booth N2207.

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