Metro Aviation names new Chief Operating Officer

Metro Aviation names new Chief Operating Officer 4 Mar, 18, Source: Metro Aviation
On his first day at Metro Aviation, Kenny Morrow began his morning by getting kicked out of the Managing Director’s office.  Nearly 23 years later, Kenny is celebrating his promotion to Chief Operating Officer.
“Metro has always sought to promote from within so that people with the desire and ability to advance and excel can do so within the company,” said Metro Managing Director Milton Geltz. “Kenny had demonstrated that desire and ability at every opportunity presented and over the years has gained the knowledge to be not only an effective Chief Operating Officer, but to be a ‘Chief Management Officer’ as well.”
Kenny is a cornerstone of Metro’s leadership team and has been extremely hands on with customers throughout his tenure at the global helicopter company.  His previous title of Director of Finance and Business Development rarely did justice to his involvement with the day-to-day functions of not only the various accounting departments, but operations and completions as well.  He is a highly skilled manager whose years of experience in the industry have equipped him with the knowledge to intelligently interact with customers and understand the intricacies of their business.
“Since October of 1995, Kenny has dedicated himself to learning every inch of Metro’s business and has become a key decision maker for every aspect of our operations,” said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry.  “His ability to not only understand the various challenges our diverse group of customers face, but get down in the trenches with them to help them operate leaner and more efficiently is something to be admired.  He’s been operating as much more than suggested by his previous title for several years and I’m proud to see him embrace this new role with the same enthusiasm I saw in 1995.”
Kenny holds a degree in Business and Accounting, as well as a Masters of Business Administration, from Centenary college of Louisiana.  He will continue to manage the daily operations of Metro and drive the mission of safety, quality and customer service.

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