Esterline Exhibited Latest Integrated Helicopter Avionics Solutions and Advanced Displays

Esterline Exhibited Latest Integrated Helicopter Avionics Solutions and Advanced Displays

7-Mar-2018 Source: Esterline

Esterline Avionics Systems is showcasing its advanced displays and CMC Electronics brand integrated helicopter avionics solutions at this year’s Heli-Expo in Booth #6327. Esterline’s helicopter demonstrator will feature an extensive range of the company’s core capabilities and products.

Don Paolucci, Vice President, Navigation and Integrated Systems, Esterline CMC Electronics, said: “Our integrated helicopter solutions are highly flexible, allowing for multiple levels of modernization, from a minor upgrade to a full avionics suite. Our goal is to optimize situational awareness for our commercial and military customers and ensure their mission success.”

The core of the company’s Integrated Helicopter Solutions includes Smart Multi-Function Displays (SMFD), Flight Management Systems (FMS), TacView® Portable Mission Displays, Global Positioning System (GPS) sensors, Doppler Velocity Sensors (DVS), mission computers, Electronic Flight Bags and a wide range of high-quality display products.

The latest generation 6”x8” Smart Multi-Function Display known as the MFD-3068 is an open architecture platform, featuring next-generation MOSArt™ (Modular Open System Architecture) middleware built with non-proprietary industry standards for the partitioning of applications (ARINC 653) and the latest in Multi-Core Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). The display is complemented by Esterline supplied software applications (PFD, Navigation, etc.), customer supplied applications or both. With an optical quality second to none, the display offers true 8-bit colour rendition with optical performance stabilized over its design life-time and its extended operating temperature envelope (+70C continuous).

Also on show is the CMA-6800 LCD Display, a form, fit and function replacement for Honeywell ED-800 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays. This display is substantially more reliable and lighter, and offers operational relief to the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) over the ED-800s being replaced. The CMA-6800 has been approved for installation in more than ten (10) aircraft and helicopter types, including the S-76.

Other products to be featured in the Esterline booth include the RDU-3068, a 10.4” rugged display featuring best-in-class true 8-bit AMLCD for superior colour rendering and FLIR imagery, the DHA-3138, a 13” x 8” display as well as Esterline’s family of PilotView® Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and Aircraft Information Servers (AIS) as well as the TacView® Portable Mission Display.

The TacView® Portable Mission Display increases crew efficiency by hosting applications that provide situational awareness and reduce cockpit workload. TacView® can interface with a number of radio and Satcom data link systems, and provide access to moving maps, mission planning systems, approach plates, checklists, flight and maintenance manuals, as well as host any Windows® based applications.

Esterline’s CMC Electronics communication, navigation, surveillance / air traffic management (CNS/ATM) aligned solutions extend the operational life of aircraft and rotorcraft. The CMA-9000 FMS is a field-proven, highly integrated and flexible product that provides flight management and multi-sensor navigation throughout all phases of flight as well as radio management and many specialized functions that help reduce pilot workload during mission-critical applications. The CMA-9000 supports both military and civil navigation modes, with compliance to the latest standards for Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) approaches.

On display for the second year at HeliExpo is the CMC Electronics CMA-6024 GPS Landing System Sensor that delivers a high-reliability Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) guidance, Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches and Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) CAT-I/II/III Precision Approach Solution for all aircraft. Achieving precision CAT-II and CAT III landings at helipads or performing precise helicopter landings for offshore operations are excellent examples of why helicopter operators will turn to the CMA-6024 as their GPS Precision Approach solution of choice.

The CMA-6024 aviation GPS/SBAS/GBAS sensor, featuring an embedded VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) receiver, is a complete, selfcontained, fully certified, Precision Approach and navigation solution, certified to Design Assurance Level A (DAL-A). Designed as an easy-to-integrate solution for all aircraft and rotorcraft, the plug and play, standalone unit requires no specialized installation or integration support. Manufacturing over 8,000 avionics displays annually, Esterline Avionics Systems offers an unmatched variety of world-class avionics display capabilities and technologies, in sizes that range from 3ATI to 8” x 20”. The product portfolio features display head assemblies; video displays; smart displays, including multi-function displays and CRT to LCD upgrades; certified avionics computers as well as avionics software and application services. The products are supplied to a wide range of customers, including Honeywell (Primus Elite, Pilatus PC-12NG and PC-24), Airbus Helicopters (Engine Instruments for the H225, mission displays for the H225 and H175), Lockheed Martin Rotary & Mission Systems (primary displays on the UH-60R/S Sea Hawk and S-97 Raider), and Thales (Control Display Management Systems for platforms such as the Lockheed Martin S-76D and the ATR-42/72-600).

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