Russian Helicopters to Introduce a Remote Aircraft Repair Training System

Russian Helicopters to Introduce a Remote Aircraft Repair Training System 3 Apr, 18, Source: State Corporation Rostec

The Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant (NARP), a member of the Russian Helicopters holding company of the Rostec State Corporation, will be the first Russian company to deploy remote training for helicopter maintenance and repair specialists. The project is a part of the global Learn Management Systems (LMS) programme implemented by the Helicopter Service Company (HSC). In the future, LMS will be joined by other members of the holding company with aviation training centres in their possession.

The LMS programme provides for creation on the web-site of HSC of a single platform with a separate interface to be interconnected with the aviation training centres of the holding company. This platform will encompass training programmes and courses, as well as directories containing the necessary documentation. Besides, HSC has developed unified rules for management of training courses to be used by all aviation centres of Russian Helicopters.

The interactive system would enable the specialists from all over Russia and more than a dozen of foreign countries purchasing Russian helicopters to undergo training, thus simplifying the equipment servicing process and reducing its cost.

The remote training system is expected to be launched by late 2019. By that time, NARP will have bought the necessary software and developed the process control documentation and the multimedia library.

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