Russian Holds a Session of the European Aerospace Quality Group

Russian Holds a Session of the European Aerospace Quality Group 6 Apr, 18, Source: Russian Helicopters

The Russian Helicopters holding company first arranged a session of the European Aerospace Quality Group (EAQG) held in the city of Kazan. The event was attended by more than 30 largest European companies of the aviation and space industries.

EAQG was established by the largest aerospace companies to develop and implement the strategies aimed at significant improvement of products’ quality and reduction of costs in the supply chain of the aerospace and defence industries. Russian Helicopters has been a member of EAQG since 2013, but it was the first time that the holding company arranged a session.

According to the media service of the holding company, the session was devoted to development and harmonisation of international aviation quality standards, as well as improvement of the aviation industry suppliers’ certification system.

“The EAQG platform enables quality specialists of internationally acclaimed companies to share their rich experience. I believe that collaboration, exchange of best practices and development of harmonised international standards are the only keys that would allow us to strengthen the processes’ integration and ensure further achievement of our quality improvement goals,” commented Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding company.

The participants also visited the production facilities of the Kazan Helicopters plant. The Kazan plant, a member of the holding company, builds helicopters of Mi-8/17 series operated in more than 100 countries of the world and the Ansat helicopter, and also prepares for the output of Mi-38, a medium-range combined transport and passenger-carrying helicopter.

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