Coptersafety’s H145 simulator first in the world to be certified with Helionix

Coptersafety’s H145 simulator first in the world to be certified with Helionix 11 Apr, 18, Source: Coptersafety

Coptersafety, an independent helicopter flight training service provider, has updated its H145 helicopter simulator avionics software with Helionix Step 2. Furthermore, it has now been certified by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) under EASA regulations. 

In order to provide immersive and most realistic training experience available on the market, Coptersafety is the first in the world to offer Helionix STEP 2, the latest H145 avionics software for our customers use.
“Most of the helicopters currently in service are already updated with the latest avionics software, Helionix STEP 2. To offer as realistic and up-to-date training experience as possible, helicopter simulators also need to be updated correspondingly. We follow and react to our customers’ needs and the industrial development.”, says Jari Vilenius, Head of Simulators at Coptersafety.
Due to the STEP 2 update, Coptersafety’s H145 simulator training enables even more functionalities and training possibilities than before. The updated features offer additional elements such as new approach procedures and autopilot with hover capability. The new approach procedures enable for example LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LPV.
“We strongly believe in synthetic training, and we strive for safer rotary wing aviation. With this latest software update we improve helicopter operators’ safety performance through more reliable up-to-date simulator training and secure a safer helicopter operation for our customers”, says Mikko Dahlman, CEO at Coptersafety.


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