ARA Flugrettung and ARBÖ present new helicopters and cooperation

ARA Flugrettung and ARBÖ present new helicopters and cooperation

19-Apr-2018 Source: DRF Luftrettung

[electronic translation] The ARA air rescue presented today at their station in Reutte the new emergency ambulance “RK-2”. The state-of-the-art, high-performance H 145 is the first of its type to go into service in Austria and represents a generational change in the country’s air rescue. The ARBÖ automobile club and the ARA air rescue also officially presented their cooperation in rescue operations.

For managing director dr. With the commissioning of the H 145 in Reutte, Peter Huber makes the ARA air rescue a step into the future: “With the change of pattern that has now taken place, the crews will be able to cover an even wider range of applications in the future. Especially in the field of urgent intensive transports between clinics, a whole range of new possibilities are opening up. Because now, depending on the case highly specialized equipment, eg. As an incubator or a mobile heart-lung machine, are loaded. In addition, the helicopter has room for the accompaniment of additional medical professionals, such as a pediatrician. Another key advance is that the new helicopter is fully capable of night flying. ”

The helicopter type H 145 is approved for the use of night vision goggles, which make operations in darkness even safer. In addition, it has a complete night flight equipment, which includes a high-performance headlight and a special cockpit configuration. “After the commissioning of the H 145 here in Reutte and then also at our station in Fresach, we are planning an extension of the daily service hours from 7 to 22.30”, Dr. Huber continues. “In the long term, we are aiming for a changeover to 24-hour operation at ARA Flugrettung.”

Also a step into the future: The cooperation officially announced today at the station in Reutte between the ARBÖ car, motor and cyclist federation of Austria and the ARA air rescue. Together, the air rescue service provider and the automobile club want to pave the way for even better security care. In the discussion are also jointly operated security bases.

“Through the cooperation with ARA Flugrettung, we are significantly expanding our service portfolio. The security passport and helicopter rescue covered with it has been an important part of our offer for many years. We are always striving for our members to implement the services offered with professional partners such as the ARA Air Rescue and we are looking forward to the cooperation “, said Dr. med. Peter Rezar, President of the ARBÖ, on the occasion of the presentation of the cooperation, which will be further expanded in the coming months and years.

For Dr. Peter Huber, the benefits of cooperation are also obvious: “On the one hand, we have one of the largest and oldest transport clubs in Austria, which makes a major contribution to the provision of services to its members, including mobility services, insurance and driver safety centers. On the other side is the ARA Air Rescue, which operates emergency rescue helicopters in parts of Austria throughout the year with its emergency helicopters. We are convinced that together we can further promote safety and medical care and sustainably increase it. ”

The new “RK-2”

The H 145 is ideal for use in air rescue and for the transport of intensive care patients between clinics. In addition, the machine is fully Nachtflugtauglich and has a large amount of space. The high-performance machine is also predestined for alpine missions with the rescue winch. A unique feature is also the weight approval of the stretcher: It can patients up to 250 kg of body weight are flown – so far, up to 120 kg in the Austrian air rescue are the rule.

The ARA air rescue in Reutte

The red and white ambulance helicopter of the ARA air rescue is stationed at the district hospital in Reutte / Ehenbichl and is ready for daily use from 8:00 am until sunset. He is staffed with experienced pilots, emergency physicians, winch operators / emergency attendants and air handlers. As a special feature, the emergency ambulance “RK-2” in Reutte is equipped with a rescue winch.

The emergency ambulance “RK-2” is alerted in the control centers of Tiroler Außerfern and Oberland, the Bavarian Oberland, Ostallgäu and Vorarlberg. In addition, an emergency ambulance vehicle (NEF) is stationed at the Reuttener Station, with which the medical crew can be brought to the place of deployment in the event of an emergency in the city.

The ARA air rescue non-profit GmbH

The Austrian ARA air rescue was founded in 2001 as a non-profit GmbH and operates in Reutte (Tyrol) and Fresach (Carinthia) professional emergency medicine with ambulance helicopters. Unlike helicopter operators, which only fly during the winter season, ARA Air Rescue provides rapid emergency relief throughout the year.

The ARA air rescue, which belongs to the DRF Luftrettung, can benefit from the expertise of the German air rescue organization. In the neighboring country, the DRF Luftrettung operates 29 stations, including six now with the helicopter type H 145. In 2015, it had put the H 145 in service as the world’s first air rescue organization. The DRF Luftrettung has the largest night-flight experience in Germany, on which the ARA Air Rescue can now build up in Austria.

The Klagenfurt-based company is an AOC-certified company in accordance with applicable aviation standards. Since 2014, ARA Flugrettung has also been a member of IKAR (International Commission for Alpine Rescue), whose goal is the further development of alpine rescue and safety.

The Automobile, Motor and Biking Association of Austria (ARBÖ)

Austria’s car, motor and cycle federation – called ARBÖ for short – is the second largest Austrian club. The core tasks of the Automobile Club, founded in 1899, are essentially: a variety of mobility services (such as roadside assistance) and representing the interests of around 400,000 members. The ARBÖ currently operates 90 test centers and three driving safety centers in Austria and employs 800 people.


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