HeliRussia 2018 Update

HeliRussia 2018 Update 24 May, 18, Source: HeliRussia

[electronic translation] The HeliRussia Helicopter Industry International Exhibition, organized in Russia and the largest industry exhibition in Europe, annually demonstrates the trends and trends of the modern helicopter industry. This year the event will be held from 24 to 26 May in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC. HeliRussia traditionally gathers the world’s leading manufacturers of helicopter equipment: the holding company Helicopters of Russia, European companies Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters, American Bell and Robinson Helicopter. The exhibition will also be attended by many other companies in the helicopter industry, including operators, engine manufacturers, aircraft systems and components, additional equipment, suppliers of various services and service companies.

The Russian market remains highly attractive for international business, despite the critical rhetoric towards Russia on the part of individual states. Participants from 19 countries are represented at HeliRussia 2018: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Iran, Korea, Lithuania, Libya, Malta, Russia, USA, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland and South Africa.
The secret of the success of the HeliRussia exhibition is in its ability to demonstrate the development of the helicopter industry in all its diversity, as well as to unite other industries that have some bearing on the helicopter business. This year HeliRussia will be represented by companies representing a new activity profile for the exhibition – the petrochemical industry and the production of titanium materials.
As always, HeliRussia will sum up the results of the past year, present new developments and current directions of the industry development. We denote some of them.
The past year of 2017 showed that the Russian helicopter industry is able to cope with both global and local challenges. As negative factors affecting the supply of helicopters, we can distinguish the following: the continuing crisis in the oil and gas industry and the reduction of the state defense order. On the other hand, the helicopter industry has been positively influenced by the program for the development of sanitary aviation in Russia, which has been allocated more than three billion rubles annually since 2017 – in total, 29 Ansat and Mi-8/17 helicopters were delivered this year .
In total, the factories of the holding company “Helicopters of Russia” delivered 214 helicopters in 2017, which is 25 more cars than in 2016. The Russian helicopter industry, from 2009 to 2013 inclusive, showed an increase in the production of helicopters, and from 2014 to 2016, its decline was observed.
A significant increase in supplies in 2017 and a formed portfolio of orders for 2018 allows us to conclude that the Russian helicopter industry is emerging from the crisis. This conclusion is confirmed by the growth in the number of helicopter fleet in the civil aviation registry of the Russian Federation. According to open data of the Federal Air Transport Agency, as of January 1, 2018, the fleet of helicopters increased by 29 units relative to the previous year. Whereas according to the data as of January 1, 2017, the park was reduced by 12 cars relative to the data for 2016. This was the first and only reduction in the last 9 years.
Positive phenomena also affected the supply of foreign-made helicopters: the total shipments of foreign-made helicopters to Russia in 2017 increased by 15 vehicles relative to the previous period.
Among helicopters of foreign production, the most popular in Russia are helicopters manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company, the American company that is the world’s largest producer of civilian helicopters. As of January 2017, the company has produced 12,000 helicopters since its inception (1973).
To date, three models are serially produced: a double R22, a four-seater R44, a five-seat R66 with a Rolls-Royce RR300 engine, which began production in 2010. The most widespread in Russia, among the listed models, are helicopters R44, which, according to open data of the Federal Air Transport Agency on January 1, 2018, registered 340 units. R66 in the registry is listed 108 pieces and R22 – 6.
Annually Robinson helicopters occupy not less than 50% of all deliveries of foreign-made helicopters to Russia (the exception is 2015). So, in the park of the Russian Federation on January 1, 2018, helicopters of this manufacturer make up 55.2% of the total number of foreign-made helicopters. In 2017, 23 helicopters of this manufacturer were imported (compared to 15 in 2016), of which 15 were R66 and 8-R44 helicopters. Among imported helicopters, new ones, supplied from the manufacturer, prevail.
Among the mid-range helicopters, the unchanged leader in deliveries to Russia remains Airbus Helicopters. His shipments of helicopters in 2017 increased by 2 cars. A significant increase in supplies in 2017 – for 6 units of equipment from Leonardo Helicopters is explained by deliveries in fulfillment of the contract with the Oil Company Rosneft.
Currently, the register of aircraft of the GA of the RF consists of 69% of Russian-made helicopters and 31% are occupied by helicopters of foreign manufacturers.
The number of accidents decreased in comparison with 2016. According to AOPA-Russia (Interregional Public Organization of Pilots and Citizen Owners of Aircraft), in 2017 with helicopters in the Russian Federation, there were 16 accidents, 7 of which killed 16 people. In 2017, 12 helicopters were decommissioned in connection with aviation accidents, 9 of them were foreign. In 2016, there were 23 aircraft accidents with 10 disasters, in which 39 people were killed, 23 helicopters were decommissioned, of which 19 foreign manufacturers. It is worthwhile to make a remark here that we can not correctly measure the level of flight safety – we must take into account the accident rate to the raid, and Rosaviatsiya does not keep statistics on the number of flights of AON.
The growth in the production of Russian-made helicopters, as well as the increase in the import of foreign equipment, make it possible to conclude that the helicopter industry market has entered a revival phase. And this will be reflected in the exposition HeliRussia 2018 – the upcoming exhibition will be rich in premieres like never before.
Before entering the exhibition pavilion, the guests will be met by Mi-171A2 and Ansat civil helicopters, as well as the modernized military Mi-171Sh.
An interesting premiere on HeliRussia 2018 will be a new helicopter “Kasatka 505”, developed by the Russian company AGAN AIRCRAFT GROUP. It is a light multipurpose helicopter, which is built on the basis of the carrier system of the helicopter Sikorsky S-52 and is capable of accommodating four people together with the pilot. The helicopter has a modern fuselage and avionics, is equipped with a Lycoming O-540 engine and a three-bladed rotor.
Also, AGAN AIRCRAFT GROUP will demonstrate at its stand a helicopter CH-77 Ranabot Italian manufacturer Heli-Sport. For the first time in Russia, this model was launched in November 2017. This double helicopter is ideal for private use and training in piloting.
Traditionally, HeliRussia will be represented by a large exposition of Rostek and its affiliated companies: the Helicopters of Russia holding company – the title sponsor of the exhibition, KRET, Tehnodinamika, ODK, Rosoboronexport, the Schwabe holding, RosElektronika “,” RPKB “,” AEROPRIBOR-SUNRISE “,” NPP “Izmeritel”, “Techpribor”, “RPE” Polet “,” OPK “, OKB” Electroavtomatika “,” KBPA “,” Ramensky Instrument-Making Plant ” , “UKBP” and others.
Holding “Russian Helicopters” will present the Russian premiere – a light multi-purpose helicopter VRT500 coaxial arrangement of screws with a takeoff weight of 1600 kg. The machine developed by the design bureau “BP-Technologies” will have the most bulky cargo cabin in its class with a total capacity of up to 5 people and will be equipped with a modern avionics complex built on the “glass cabin” principle. The flight-technical characteristics put into the helicopter will allow it to develop a speed of up to 230 km / h, fly to a range of up to 1000 km, take on board up to 750 kg of payload.
The helicopter is supposed to be delivered in passenger, multi-purpose, cargo, training, VIP and medical evacuation configurations. At the same time, in the segment with a take-off weight of up to two tons, the VRT500 will be the world’s first medical evacuation helicopter with the ability to load and unload a unified wheeled trolley through the rear doors of the cabin, which simplifies the process and saves considerable time.
At HeliRussia 2018, where in addition to helicopters every year new unmanned aerial vehicles are demonstrated, the world’s first commercial multi-rotor SKYF air cargo platform will be presented for the first time.
Designed by Kazan Design Bureau “Avioreheniya”, SKYF is intended specifically for the transport of goods. The maximum carrying capacity of the passing test of the apparatus is up to 250 kg, while with a cargo of 50 kg the flight range reaches 350 km, and the flight duration – up to 8 hours.
In addition to cargo transportation, SKYF air cargo platform capabilities allow it to be used for processing agricultural fields and for air extinguishing. Efficiency and safety of aviation operations are provided by a unique patented aerodynamic scheme with the separation of lifting and operating screws, a new control model, advanced equipment and software.
The development of the SKYF platform began in 2014, and the first flight of the full-size prototype took place in the spring of 2016. Now more than 30 experts take part in the development of the platform, testing and improving the model, which differs significantly from other multi-rotor systems, is equipped with a gasoline engine and has full autonomy. HeliRussia 2018 will feature a fully operational prototype SKYF, participating in flight tests.
This year’s premiere will be the “Sirius” of the development of the NGO “Aviation and Space Technologies”. This aircraft-type UAV, which can be in the air for several days and perform flights, including in difficult climatic conditions, for example, in the Arctic region. “Sirius” can climb to a height of more than 10 kilometers, and its take-off weight is 140 kilograms. The device is capable of performing a number of tasks: escorting aircraft and aircraft, performing ice reconnaissance and inspecting pipelines passing through the Arctic, and also relaying radio signals.
Companies from the sphere of helicopter engine building – developers and manufacturers, as well as service companies – will be widely represented. Undoubtedly, the main Russian player in this field is the United Engine-Building Corporation (UDK), which produces VK-2500 engines installed on most domestic helicopters. The ODK includes the developer of engines “ODK-Klimov” and “ODK-STAR” – the competence center in the field of automatic control systems for gas turbine engines.
From foreign players in engine building, the products and services of Safran Helicopter Engines, H + S Aviation, “Borisfen”, ITP Aero, Lom Praha and PBS Velká Bíteš will be exhibited.
The HeliRussia 2018 was premiered by Safran Helicopter Engines, which will present the Aneto-1K engine with a 2500 hp shaft used to equip the twin AW189K helicopter, the first flight of which took place in March 2017, and the commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter 2018.
The Aneto family of high-performance families are designed for medium and heavy helicopters of a new generation and have a number of significant advantages. The exceptional power-to-engine ratio provides an increase in thrust of 25% (compared to existing engines of the same volume). This improves the operational characteristics of helicopters when performing missions that require high engine power (offshore, search and rescue and military transport operations, fire extinguishing), as well as high altitude and elevated temperatures.
The company “Airborne navigation systems” (BANS) for the first time will demonstrate the layout of the new “On-board system of situational awareness of helicopter crews” created within the program of import substitution. This complex realizes the observation of air and ground conditions in cooperation with other systems of the helicopter and is aimed at improving the safety of flights.
SPE “Aerosila” at its stand will present a line of auxiliary gas turbine engines used in Russian-made helicopters. The APU TA14, used on new and modernized models of Russian helicopters, will be shown. Also, the engine TA18-100, intended for use on the Mi-26T2, and TA18-200 for the next-generation helicopter technology will be demonstrated. For the first time the company will show a promising gas generator for gas turbine engines with a capacity of 1100-1700 hp, which will become the base for the development of new engine models.
The company RD-HELI will present the third modification of the ultralight coaxial helicopter Mikron at the exhibition. The new version of the helicopter uses a rotary engine with a power of 73 hp, which provides an additional supply of power for hanging and maneuvering. The new power plant led to a change in the design of the main reduction gear and transmission, the gearbox is made according to the previous scheme – with a belt drive, but is deployed 180 degrees. The fuselage of the helicopter is made on a new layout, taking into account the optimization of manufacturing and assembly. The new version provides for the installation of the fairing of the cabin, a new instrument panel has been developed.
The multi-profile company RVS-HOLDING, will present the Ansat helicopter with a medical module – since 2017 the company has been actively involved in the development of sanitary aviation, using 4 such helicopters in the Volgograd, Pskov and Kurgan regions. The company has the only private ATS in Russia that trains pilots for the Ansat helicopter, also pilots pilots for the R44 and R66 helicopters, and the simulator for the R44 helicopter will be shown at the exhibition.
The long-awaited premiere of the new light helicopter Bell 505 Jet Ranger X will be held at HeliRussia 2018. A serial copy of the model will be demonstrated at the stand of Bell and Jet Transfer companies, Bell’s official representative in Russia. In the same place, potential buyers will be able to discuss the conditions for the acquisition and delivery of the Bell 505 helicopter.
Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is a light helicopter designed for 5 people. When creating the model, the American company Bell was guided by the task of making it the safest, most efficient and reliable one. Bell 505 is equipped with a modern engine Turbomeca Arrius 2R with a dual-channel electronic-digital control system, has a “glass cabin” and flight control system Garmin G1000H, reducing the load on the pilot. The range of the new helicopter is 566 km, it has a cruising speed of 231 km / h and can carry a payload of 680 kg.
In 2017, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X was certified in the US and Europe, as well as in several other countries. Soon, its certification is expected in Russia, which will make it possible to start deliveries. To date, over 300 helicopters of this model have been ordered worldwide, a number of orders for Bell 505 have been issued in Russia. In particular, the Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA), which also participates in HeliRussia 2018, will become the first recipient of the helicopter. UZGA is Bell’s partner in the licensed production of the Bell 407GXP helicopter on its site in the Sverdlovsk Region.
The first show of the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X in Russia took place at HeliRussia 2015, where a full-size mock-up was demonstrated, with the example of which the exhibition visitors could learn about the specifications of the expected novelty. This year guests of HeliRussia 2018 will get a chance to study a serial helicopter, which certainly will compete with other models in its class.
Airbus Helicopters plans to demonstrate the already well-known and beloved light helicopter H125 with an updated complex of instrumentation based on the Garmin G500H.
Italian holding Leonardo will also take part in the exhibition with its equipment, in demand on the Russian market.
As always, there will be a considerable number of Robinson helicopters, represented by the dealers of this company.
Among foreign countries a special place is given to France – the French Association of the Aerospace Industries (GIFAS) organizes the exposure of national companies on a single French stand. Will be presented: ALKAN, Leach International Europe SAS, Nicomatic, Hutchinson, Donaldson and Trelleborg Saling Solutions.
The business program HeliRussia is distinguished by the versatility of the issues discussed. This year in the program of the exhibition events two new directions are planned: agricultural aviation and helicopter engine building.
The conference on the development of agricultural aviation in Russia, organized by the Agricultural Development Assistance Fund in conjunction with the HeliRussia 2018 Helicopter Industry Directorate, plans to address in detail the problems of the industry, from the history of development in the Soviet times, to studying the problems of aviators in modern conditions, , to look for solutions designed to correct the situation in the industry. Representatives of agricultural enterprises, such as service customers, airline representatives, representatives of government agencies as regulators of activities are invited to participate in the conference.
The global development of helicopter engines in Russia and abroad will be discussed at the conference “The present and future of engine building for helicopters.” The event was organized by the Association of the Union of Aviation Engineers (ASSAD) with the support of the National Aviation Journal “Wings of the Motherland” The moderator of the conference is the President of the ASSAD, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Viktor Chuiko.
The linguistic partner of the 11th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2018 EGO Translating SB will hold a panel discussion “The Life Cycle of Military-Technical Cooperation.”
Traditional events for HeliRussia will also take place.
The forecast for the development of the world helicopter market will be presented by Honeywell as part of the HeliRussia 2018 business program at the 10th International Conference “Helicopter Market: Realities and Prospects”. The event is organized by the Helicopter Industry Association and the AviaPort branch agency on the opening day of the exhibition. The conference will also detail the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the development of the helicopter industry in Russia – no other Russian event provides such an in-depth analysis of the industry.
HeliRussia’s regular event was the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Sanitary Aviation and Medical Evacuation”, which is held within the framework of the exhibition from 2012. During this time, the conference has become the largest venue in Russia to discuss the complex issues of development of sanitary aviation, medical evacuation and improvement of aviation rescue technologies. The format of open discussion and the interdisciplinary approach attracts professionals of various specialties to the event. At the conference there is an exchange of opinions between doctors and pilots, engineers and managers, civil and military specialists, as well as developers and operators of medical equipment and equipment.
The exhibition will feature companies that manufacture medical equipment for use in aircraft.
It is worth noting the 6th conference “Aviation Airborne Equipment”, which is organized by “KRET”. This event will be useful for a wide range of specialists who follow the development of technologies in the field of avionics.
There will be a 3rd conference on the development of the BAS market, which allows discussing general issues of manned and unmanned equipment, as well as paying special attention to the formation of target markets and the operating conditions of the industry. The conference is organized by the Association of Operators and Developers of Unmanned Aerial Systems “AERONET”, the participants of which will present their developments on a joint stand.
The exhibition will host the 2nd “HeliRussia Cup on drone-racing” – an entertaining and dynamic match for miniature drones piloted with a “first-person” look. For the first time drone racing was organized at HeliRussia 2016 and attracted considerable interest: viewers can not only look at the skills of UAV pilots, but also personally see the latest technologies in the field of unmanned aircraft.
In 2017, the competitions have grown to the scale of the “Cup”, and this year they will use racing drones of a new generation that are characterized by high quality of the transmitted video signal, which will be broadcast on the television screens near the race track for drones.
Another traditional event at HeliRussia is the ceremony of awarding the winners and laureates of the contest “Helicopters of the XXI century”. The contest is being held by the Helicopters of Russia since 2008 to find talented young people and ideas for the Russian helicopter industry.
The awarding ceremony for the winners and laureates of the photo competition “The beauty of rotorcraft” organized by the Helicopter Industry Association for the 11th time will take place on the HeliRussia stage on Saturday, May 26. Exposition of the best 40 photographs will work all the days of the exhibition.
For the second year in a row, HeliRussia will be the place of awarding the winners and laureates of the All-Russian competition of airfields and helipads of AON, held by the Federation of Aviation Fans with the support of the Helicopter Industry Association. The organizers believe that the holding of the contest will contribute to the formation of modern airfield infrastructure of AON, to attract investments in this sphere.
For the 11th time already, the exhibition HeliRussia continues to attract wide attention to both professional and amateur audiences; becomes the main place of communication between representatives of industry companies and government agencies; stimulates interindustry cooperation and international scientific and technical cooperation. The exhibition is distinguished by a verified and interesting topic, the importance of the topics discussed, the high level of ongoing negotiations and meetings. Every visitor of the exhibition has a chance to see something new and interesting, to join the development of the helicopter industry.

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