Global fundraising first for Children’s Air Ambulance

Global fundraising first for Children’s Air Ambulance 8 Jun, 18, Source: Children’s Air Ambulance

Children’s Air Ambulance has become the first charity in the world to use spare processing power from PCs and laptops to help save the lives of babies and children.

The national emergency transfer helicopter charity is using ethical cryptocurrency company Cudo Donate’s carbon-neutral software to raise funds by harnessing the unused power of computers.

Supporters of Children’s Air Ambulance volunteer their PCs and laptops by installing the Cudo Donate program quickly and easily with the click of a mouse.

All these PCs and laptops then work together to solve complex mathematical problems online – a process called ‘crypto mining’ – to earn cryptocurrency rewards for the charity.

The software – which can be downloaded from the Children’s Air Ambulance website – operates quietly in the background, coming to life when the computer is idle. Network speeds are not affected because the amount of data sent is very small.

Cudo Donate is mindful of the effect that crypto mining could have on the environment so it invests in carbon credits to ensure that every penny is raised in a carbon-neutral way.

The amount of money raised for the charity depends on the power of each computer – anywhere from a few pounds a month to a few hundred. All the money quickly adds up as more people and companies install the software and support the cause.

For Children’s Air Ambulance that extra fundraising can help to save the lives of children all over the country.

Every second counts when a newborn baby or child is fighting for their life. The charity can fly the child to a hospital with specialist facilities that will give them the best chance of survival.

Children’s Air Ambulance’s helicopter is around four times quicker than using roads. It also provides intensive care in the air. And if children are too sick to travel then it can fly specialist medical teams to them instead.

Children’s Air Ambulance CEO Andy Williams said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Cudo Donate to offer our supporters a new way to make a difference.

“A computer’s unused power can make a valuable ongoing contribution to our cause simply by running the Cudo Donate software.

“It’s a great new way to support the vital lifesaving work we do where seconds can mean the difference between life and death.”

For the next 12 months Cudo Donate has also pledged to give 10 per cent of profits from its Icelandic crypto mining facilities to the first 50 charities that sign up for its software.

Cudo Donate Relationship Director Nuno Pereira said: “We’re delighted that Children’s Air Ambulance is the first charity to go live with our software.

“Cudo Donate provides an innovative, convenient and carbon-neutral way for charity supporters to give – one that doesn’t make a big impact on household or corporate budgets.

“This remarkable new technology provides a completely new revenue stream for worthy causes. It is a previously untapped resource that complements the donations and support that charities receive from traditional channels,” he added.

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