Bajhang-Hilsa helicopter service to be initiated for Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims

Bajhang-Hilsa helicopter service to be initiated for Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims 5 Jul, 18, Source: Aviation Nepal

Helicopter flight service is going to be started from Bajhang to Hilsa, aiming to provide services to the pilgrims travelling towards Kailash Mansarover at reasonable cost.
Test flight will be conducted from Bajhang’s Talkot VDC Khaula to Hilsa on June 6.
This service is going to be catered by Kailash Seti Tours and Travel Pvt. Ltd. on the joint venture of Altitude Air Helicopter Company. Travelers passing towards Mansarover through Bajhang will be facilated after the inauguration of this service, said Kailash Tours Director Kishor Kumar Singh.
He said that there will be increment in the tourism activity with the start of the Bajhang-Hilsa helicopter flights. He added it will also fascinate pilgrims travelling to Kailash Mansarovar Darshan through other borders and inclined them to this region.
Currently, thousands of Indian tourists travel to Hilsa through Humla, Darchula and Kerung for Mansarover Darshan yearly. Many tourists are unable to enter Hilsa as Mansarover is distant from these entry points and there are no any other options beside air transport, said Singh.
There is a good land transportation system on Bajhang district and also a direct connection from Delhi to Bajhang said Singh. And travelling for 18 minutes from Bajhang, one can reach Hilsa easily. Indian tourists wishing to travel Mansarover at cheap cost will pass through this route.
Similarly, construction of the road connecting Bajhang’s Chainpur and China’s Taklakot has been expedited with the aim of promoting kailash Mansarover travelers and Nepal-China business.

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