Aspen Avionics Introduces Evolution MAX flight displays

Aspen Avionics Introduces Evolution MAX flight displays

24-Jul-2018 Source: Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics introduced the latest generation of Evolution Flight Displays, the Evolution MAX series of primary flight (PFD) and multi-function displays (MFD).

With redesigned electronics and new glass, the Evolution MAX series displays offers a bolder and brighter display with higher reliability and several customer-requested functions such as font and window enlargement and increased processing speeds, all while retaining Aspen’s unique form factor design that keeps installation costs down. Additionally, with the installation of a dual unit system comprised of the EFD1000 Pro MAX and the Evolution MFD1000 MAX, owners can eliminate vacuum system backup indicators.

The Evolution MAX series is comprised of the following displays:

Evolution Pro 1000 MAX PFD – $9,995
Evolution MFD500 MAX MFD – $5,495
Evolution MFD1000 MAX MFD – $8,995
All MAX displays can be configured for one, two, or three units – providing more glass display area and information than leading competitors. As always, customers can choose to upgrade all at once, or start with a single unit display.

“From the beginning, Aspen has always been committed to developing an avionics platform that can grow with a pilot’s needs with access to new technology as it becomes available. Our unique approach to designing and engineering new products for the general aviation community gives our current customer base (approximately 14,000 worldwide) a path to cost-effectively upgrade to the latest Aspen displays without investing in a new cockpit installation,” said John Uczekaj, Aspen president and CEO. “With the MAX series, we continue to maintain that long-standing commitment to our existing customers while pledging to provide our new customers affordable avionics and upgrade paths. Furthermore, that upgrade comes with a new two-year manufacturer’s warranty,” continued Uczekaj.

Key features of the MAX series:

  • GPS-aided AHRS in the event of pitot static failure
  • New, vibrant colors with the latest aviation glass
  • Higher reliability and faster refresh rates with the latest generation processors
  • Audio panel interface
  • Chart and countdown timers available on MFD500 and MFD1000 MAX MFDs
  • Elimination of vacuum system backup indicators with the installation of Pro 1000 MAX PFD and MFD1000 MAX MFD
  • 350 nm zoom levels on MFD500 and MFD1000 MAX MFDs
  • Height above ground level (AGL) on navigation and terrain maps on MFD500 and MFD1000 MAX MFDs
  • METAR flags on navigation map on MFD500 and MFD1000 MAX MFDs
  • Altitude intercept based on climb rate
  • Font and window enlargement capability
  • Large, 6.0” diagonal, 400 x 760 pixel TFT Active Matrix LCD screen with bolder and brighter resolution
  • Works with existing avionics
  • Patented, unique form-fit design slides easily into existing panel cutouts
  • Approved for over 600 aircraft types (Aircraft Model List)
  • The Evolution MAX series will be available starting in the fourth quarter of 2018. Upgrades of existing displays will start at an introductory price of $2,995.

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