Breeze-Eastern LLC Awarded Patent for Helicopter Hoist Systems

Breeze-Eastern LLC Awarded Patent for Helicopter Hoist Systems

22-Aug-2018 Source: USPTO

A helicopter-hoist system is described. The system may include: hoist equipment, illumination systems, range-measuring equipment, camera(s), communication systems, display devices, processing/control systems including image-processing systems, and power-management systems. The system may also include a smart-hook for measuring a load on the hook. Based on the measured load on the cable, the lighting may be illuminated in different manners. In another aspect, the system may communicate with display devices, which render images of a mission to helicopter crew members or other observers. Measured parameters appurtenant to the mission–such as the weight of the load, height of the smart-hook above a surface, altitude of the aircraft, distance between the aircraft and end of the hook, location of the hook in three-dimensional space, forces on the hook and cable, and other mission-critical information–may be overlaid, or rendered proximate to the real images to provide crew members with a full understanding of a mission.

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