USHST to Participate in FAA Rotorcraft Conference

USHST to Participate in FAA Rotorcraft Conference 22 Aug, 18, Source: USHST

Safety experts from the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team ( will be participating on Oct. 23-25 in the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2018 International Rotorcraft Safety Conference in Hurst, TX. The free conference ( gathers together rotorcraft pilots, mechanics, small company owners, industry executives, helicopter operators, students and government regulators from the United States and abroad.

Experts from the FAA, the USHST, and numerous helicopter manufacturer and association officials will be addressing these and other safety topics at the conference:

− Human Risk and Taking Increased Safety Measures.

− Development of Crash Injury Protection in Rotorcraft.

− Flying Blind: The Human Brain, the Human Mind and Our Visual System.

− Single Pilot Resource Management.

− Challenges Facing Flight Instructors.

− Night Vision Goggles Program Lifecycle.

− How to Avoid Inadvertent IMC Accidents.

− Rotor Blade Inspection and Preventative Maintenance.

− The Nuts and Bolts of Maintenance.

− Helicopter Maintenance Manager Course.

− Procedural Intentional Non-Compliance.

− Flight Data Monitoring.

− Operational Personal Protection Equipment.

− Birds Strikes and Lessons Learned.

− Airports, Heliports and Vertiports.

− The Rotorcraft Safety Continuum and Certification.

− Accidents Investigations: A Case Study.


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