JETcopter to test innovative propulsion system for VTOL aircrafts

JETcopter to test innovative propulsion system for VTOL aircrafts

29-Aug-2018 Source: JETcopter

JETcopter – VTOL aviation startup , today announced launch of tests of a new type propulsion system for VTOL aircrafts .

2 centrifugal air turbines in enclosed housings , each 200 cm diameter (6.6 feet ) , will rotate in opposite directions at high RPM to create thrust similar to 11 meters ( 36 feet ) diameter helicopters rotors . Airflow from turbines by air ducts will be diverted to 4 endpoints , where could be vectored at any direction . Such layout , where enclosed rotors housing areas , like airplane wings , will be able to create lifting force and unload rotors in horizontal flights . More compact , enclosed rotors propulsion system could be safer in urban areas , achieved bigger airflow speed could improve performance of next generation VTOL aircrafts . Test purpose is to measure on mobile platform generated airflow parameters – speed , volume , sound at various RPM and to test airflow vectoring possibilities.

Aircrafts with new propulsion system could open a class of new type VTOL aircrafts – copterplanes , efficient VTOL aircrafts , that could be used as air taxis for intra or inter cities routes . New kind , more effective propulsion system with automatic leveling control , instead handy mechanical , could allow pilot VTOL aircraft easier and simpler compared to helicopters . Jetcopter plans to built and lift to the air conceptual VTOL prototype within 18 month .

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