SEI BATT Baffling System Awarded US Patent

SEI BATT Baffling System Awarded US Patent

10-Sep-2018 Source: SEI Industries

SEI Industries is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a US patent for the internal baffling systems within our flexible liquid transport tanks, including our Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT).

The BATT is constructed of two tanks: an outer tank, which provides secondary containment, secures the BATT to the aircraft, and protects the inner tank from abrasion. The inner tank has built-in liquid stabilizing wall-like structures (baffles) to reduce fluid surge. These baffling systems are adjusted based on whether the craft is fixed-wing or rotary-wing. In terms of the rotary-wing-specific design, the system contains an additional stabilizing ‘X’ baffle that helps to counteract movement of those types of craft. In all, the baffling system increases the safety and convenience of transporting fuel in either rotary- or fixed-wing aircraft. More than that, it allows the tank to operate varying levels capacity from 70% to 100%. In comparison, older collapsible aviation tanks without baffles must be operated at 100% or 0% capacity.


Compared to the more traditional method of transporting fuel, namely in oil drums, the BATT doesn’t move around in flight, meaning less damage to the aircraft. The revolutionary transport tank is much more economical because operators can reduce empty drum back-hauls, and purchase bulk fuel. When empty, the BATT can be folded and stored away, leaving the craft free to carry other revenue-generating cargo, instead of simply returning empty oil drums. The BATT also prevents injury and spills from constant handling of heavy drums by ground staff.

BATTs are made specifically for over 20 types of aircraft, and for an array of fuels. It is employed by commercial and defense organizations alike.

The BATTs are produced in Delta, BC. All products manufactured at SEI’s Canadian facility are certified under ISO 9001:2015, a quality assurance program that ensures everything that leaves the production plant is of the highest quality. In addition, SEI’s teams are purposefully inter-disciplinary. With engineers on-site, alongside our teams, we pride ourselves on innovation and quick reaction times.

The US patent for the inner baffling system was awarded in late August 2018. The US patent (No. 10029848) comes alongside our Colombian patent, and SEI expects that a Canadian patent is forthcoming.

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