PhilJets appoints new CEO to lead expansion

PhilJets appoints new CEO to lead expansion 14 Sep, 18, Source: PhilJets

PhilJets Group has appointed a new CEO in the person of Ms. Willyn Villarica. Thierry Tea, founder of the company, steps down from the CEO position and will assume the role of Chairman of the Board.

Established in 2013, PhilJets has experienced rapid growth for the last 5 years under the management of Thierry Tea, growing its fleet from 0 to 12 aircraft including 9 helicopters and 3 business jets.

Ms. Willyn Villarica steps in as CEO for PhilJets Aero Services Inc. and PhilJets Aero Charter Corp.

“I have been following the growth of PhilJets and there are great challenges facing us. I aim to continue to professionalize and strengthen the company, to bring in new ideas, develop practical solutions and develop our team.” Ms. Villarica added.

Ms. Willyn Villarica, an MBA graduate from the Asian Institute of Management, who has a successful multi-sector background, from Real Estate, Law, Gemology, F&B, Micro Lending, Private Equity and Venture Capital, is taking a more active role in PhilJets’ operations. She has been the President of PhilJets Aero Services Inc for the past 5 years.

Thierry Tea said: “It’s a new era for PhilJets.  Whilst I’m proud of the accomplishments PhilJets achieved in the past 5 years, I feel that we can take the company to newer heights by bringing in someone who sees the Philippine aviation industry from a different point of view and at the same time, has the ability to lead our management team as we go through our transition from being a young player in aviation to an emerging leader in the field of business aviation.  We look forward to the succeeding years with great enthusiasm.”

PhilJets hopes to enjoy continued growth by offering new services, innovative products, increase its existing fleet, and expand its operations by opening new branches in other parts of the Philippines.

Thierry Tea, as Chairman of PhilJets, will oversee the regional development and PhilJets’ expansion in Southeast Asia.

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