Helibras delivers H225M to the Brazilian Army

Helibras delivers H225M to the Brazilian Army 25 Sep, 18, Source: Helibras

Helibras has just delivered another H225M to the Armed Forces. The 10th Brazilian Army (EB) aircraft will be based on the 1st Aviation Battalion (BAvEx) in Taubaté, and is the 32nd H-XBR program, signed in 2008 with the Ministry of Defense to supply 50 model helicopters.

The H225M in the Operational version is equipped with the IDAS-3 self-defense system. This system is capable of detecting and identifying various types of threats by means of laser, missile and radar sensors, also allowing the firing of countermeasures automatically or manually.

The last delivery of the schedule occurred earlier this month for the Brazilian Air Force. There is another EB delivery expected later this year.

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