Airbus introduces new visio-assistance tool for Tech Reps

Airbus introduces new visio-assistance tool for Tech Reps 5 Oct, 18, Source: Airbus Helicopters

This new tool facilitates the troubleshooting and boosts the efficiency of Airbus Helicopters Technical Representatives

The Highly Qualified technicians with recurrent training certified by relevant civil aviation authorities are dedicated to daily improving customer’s satisfaction, the flight operation safety and availability.

While the troubleshooting is one of their main missions, they provide in addition On-Job training directly at customer’s premises, they support them for optional equipment installation, maintenance advises and recommendations. They assist furthermore our Customers for Completion of work, Warranty cases, SB application of Airbus Helicopters’ demand under conditions of sale, Software uploading / updating on customer‘s site, etc.

This year, they are strengthened with SkyTech, the new Airbus visio-assistance tool that offers the possibility to communicate directly with Airbus Technical Experts.

In a recent troubleshooting event, Air Force Cazaux avoided 4 hours of maintenance and saved a SAR mission thanks to this new tool and the related process.

During a Flight Relevant Inspection, a fault was detected at the fireproof bulkhead of a SAR Caracal on Duty. Our TechRep used SkyTech tool to communicate directly with Airbus Technical Hub. The pictures and the borescope views of the faulty bulkhead were analysed live and as a result, the aircraft avoided a time-consuming engine removal and could return into service.

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