Helibras delivers the 33º H225M to Brazilian Army

Helibras delivers the 33º H225M to Brazilian Army 15 Oct, 18, Source: Helibras
Helibras has just delivered the third military helicopter model H225M scheduled for 2018, the second aircraft planned for the Brazilian Army this year. The aircraft will be based on the 1st Aviation Battalion (BAvEx) in Taubaté, joining another 10 ten H225M aircraft already delivered to the Brazilian Army. The aircraft is part of the H-XBR Program, signed in 2008 with the Ministry of Defense, to acquire 50 aircraft of the model, for the Armed Forces of Brazil.
“The H-XBR program represents a qualitative leap in Brazil, because it brings development to the supply chain, technology transfer and skilled labor to the country,” says Richard Marelli, President of Helibras and Head of Country of Airbus in Brazil.

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