Appareo expands AML-STC for Stratus ADS-B Out transponders

Appareo expands AML-STC for Stratus ADS-B Out transponders 15 Nov, 18, Source: Appareo Systems

Appareo has received FAA approval of an expanded Approved Model List (AML) for the company’s Stratus ADS-B Out transponders. The AML-STC for Stratus ES/ESG now includes 219 aircraft, including popular Cessna, Piper, and Mooney models, as well as Cirrus SR20 and SR22, Beechcraft 33, 35, 36, and Diamond DA20 and DA40. The latest expansion marks the first twin-engine aircraft to join the AML, with the Cessna 4XX series. (The full list can be found at the end of this news release).

Stratus ES and Stratus ESG are certified 1090 Extended Squitter (ES) transponders designed to replace aging transponders while also equipping an aircraft with ADS-B Out. Stratus ESG includes built-in WAAS GPS for one-box 2020 compliance, while Stratus ES will make an aircraft rule-compliant when paired with popular models of Garmin and Avidyne navigators.

Both transponders qualify for the newly re-introduced FAA ADS-B rebate program, which lowers the price to $1,995* for Stratus ES and $2,495* for Stratus ESG, plus the cost of installation. Like all Stratus products, they were designed for simple installation and configuration. With the common 1.65” form factor, they easily replace existing transponders without requiring costly panel modifications.

While Appareo continues to expand the AML-STC, aircraft owners have no trouble getting Stratus ES/ESG installed in any Part 23 aircraft, based on the lead STC. The FAA created a policy to make it simple to use the lead STC to install ADS-B Out equipment on additional Part 23 air frames. (Part 23 includes most general aviation aircraft). This policy was designed to keep ADS-B installs moving smoothly and make things easier for the installer.

“We have continued adding to the AML-STC since the initial certification in 2016, based on market demand” said Kris Garberg, Appareo Aviation President. “The next addition that we’re excited about is the Garmin 480 navigator as an approved GPS source for Stratus ES. That approval is expected in November,” Garberg said.

Stratus transponders can be connected to an ADS-B In receiver for the complete ADS-B In/Out experience. They are the only transponders that can share an aircraft’s external antenna with a portable ADS-B receiver in the cockpit, which greatly enhances the signal strength of the receiver. This feature is compatible with many popular brands of ADS-B receivers; a variety of interface kits are available.

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