H125 Crash Resistant Fuel System upgrade

H125 Crash Resistant Fuel System upgrade

26-Nov-2018 Source: Airbus Helicopters

This solution, compliant with the FAA/EASA FAR/CS § 27.952 specifications, except for operations with underbelly installation, allows to perform customer missions in the safest conditions by reducing the risk of post-crash fire and improving occupant survivability in case of an accident. Airbus Helicopters strongly recommends that operators retrofit their helicopters with CRFS and any other equipment offered to enhance the safety and reliability of the fleet.

Using the modern technologies, Airbus Helicopters proposes a complete new rupture resistant fuel tank and a fuel system with a rubber bladder fitted inside an aluminum fairing, including also new features such as:

  • • Double skin fuel lines to prevent any leakage
  • • Redesigned vent system and flame arrestor for an enhanced roll over protection to prevent fuel leakage
  • • New capacitive gauge fuel transmitter which improves the reliability of the fuel measure
  • • Full equipped fuel plate for an easy maintenance

This upgrade can be performed either by operators or within the Airbus Helicopters network. More details on the solution and the upgrade can be found in the “H125/AS350B3e Crash Resistant Fuel System kit” leaflet.

To complement this offer and to support the whole Ecureuil/Astar family in service fleet, Standard Aero is proposing upgrade solutions compliant with FAA/EASA FAR/CS § 27.952 specifications for the legacy AS350 variants (AS350B, B1, D, BA, B2 and B3) and the EC130 B4 aircraft.

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