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The team at HeliHub.com would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2019. This is the time of the year we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and we trust many of our readers will take time to consider what that means to the world, perhaps through attending a church service, rather than just stuffing their faces with food and alcohol!

Too many companies across the helicopter industry have been pandering to Political Correctness and sending “Happy Holidays” greetings in the last couple of week. If you are one of those, bah humbug to you! Just stop and think how the holiday got there in the first place. HeliHub.com celebrates Christmas, not Holidays.  And while we have our soap box out, it’s Christmas not Xmas.  No need to cross-out Christ….

We have continued to make good progress through 2018, and we have continued to provide many more helicopter industry news stories through out site than any other website (typically 10-20 every weekday). We have made some style changes to the site in recent weeks and added new sections to expand on what we do. It is never too early to make HeliHub.com your sole source of news and tell your industry network!

The HeliHub.com team is now taking a break, and we will restart posting news later on 2nd January ready for the first email headlines on Wednesday 3rd January. Information on how to subscribe to a single news email summary can be found here – and if you focus on offshore, EMS or law enforcement operations, there’s a newsletter designed for you so you only get the pertinent information for your sector of the industry.

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