Southwest Fuel Systems announces Facility Expansion and Relocation

Southwest Fuel Systems announces Facility Expansion and Relocation 3 Jan, 19, Source: Southwest Fuel Systems

Southwest Fuel Systems (SWFS) is pleased to announce the expansion and relocation of our repair station facility effective December 19th 2018. To better serve our customers and in preparation of our expanding capabilities, we have moved our repair station to a newly renovated facility located at 2915 North State Highway 99 Stroud, Oklahoma 74079.

Ralph Bishop, President of Southwest Fuels stated, “As a Triumph authorized T53 Fuel Control and Governor MRO facility, and the authorized distributor for the Hammonds brand of Jet A fuel additives including LUBRIBOR, we are always looking for ways to reduce our customers overhaul costs and provide our customers with the best service in the industry. About a year ago, it became obvious we were outgrowing our existing facility and a larger footprint was going to be required to accommodate our expanding repair station. A lot of hard work went into setting up the new shop while our Tucson facility continued overhauling accessories until the moment we received FAA repair station certificate at the new location. This process has been a testament to the dedication of all our employees. It was a team effort that allowed us to be able to turn the lights out in the afternoon in Tucson and turn them on the next morning at our new facility in Stroud with no interruption in service”.

Over the next few months, Southwest Fuel Systems will be announcing additional accessory overhaul capabilities that will complement our existing product offerings and help us expand into new product lines.

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