DRF Luftrettung opens 10th night flight station

DRF Luftrettung opens 10th night flight station

14-Jan-2019 Source: DRF Luftrettung

At the turn of the year, DRF Luftrettung put the Bautzen station into operation – and thus its tenth night-flight station nationwide. No other air rescue organization in Germany operates so many 24-hour stations. Throughout Europe, DRF air rescue is among the civil operators of the night-flight expert, with the most flying hours in the dark. It has state-of-the-art helicopters that are particularly suitable for night flight and employs highly qualified personnel.

“Air rescue at dusk and darkness – in this we are the expert. Since 1 January, we have been using our know-how at ten wards to help patients who are seriously injured or ill be quickly provided with emergency medical care at night or transported to the clinic that suits them best “, says CEO Dr. med. Krystian Pracz. “The location of Bautzen also benefits from the fact that we are highly specialized in the requirements of night-time rescue operations.”

The non-profit organization developed special procedures for approaching locations at night years ago. The concept includes the use of two IFR pilots, a digital map satellite navigation system, compliance with specific approach profiles, the use of night vision goggles (NVGs) and instrument-equipped helicopters with high performance headlamps. Their nightly usage profile ranges from the islands of the North Sea to the mountain ranges of the Alps.

In DRB the DRF Luftrettung starts operation with a H 145 rescue helicopter. The red and white machine is particularly suitable for nightly rescue operations thanks to its night vision equipment and specially configured cabin lighting. In addition, it has a permanently installed rescue winch. “Our crews also benefit from the organization’s many years of experience in winching operations,” says Dr. Ing. Krystian Pracz. The first use of the DRF Luftrettung with rescue winch was already more than 20 years ago.

Nationwide, DRF Luftrettung uses helicopters at 29 air rescue stations in Germany and at two stations in Austria for rapid emergency rescue and for urgent transport of intensive care patients between clinics. Every year, it provides around 38,000 missions.

Information about the station Bautzen

The station, founded on September 1, 1998, is located at the airfield Bautzen. “Christoph 62” is available 24 hours a day in emergencies as a quick emergency doctor feeder and for the gentle transport of patients between clinics. The crew is requested via the Integrated Regional Command Ostsachsen in Hoyerswerda or via the coordination office for relocation flights of the Free State of Saxony in Dresden.

The fixed helicopter (90 meters rope length) is required for the topographical conditions in Eastern Saxony: The helicopter crews bring their operations to areas in the Erzgebirge and the Saxon Switzerland. The partner for such rescue operations is the Bergwacht Sachsen. In addition, the rescue winch can also be requested nationwide.

In addition to experienced pilots and emergency medical staff of the DRF Luftrettung, emergency physicians from the Dresden Municipal Hospital are deployed at the Bautzen station. The Luftrettungsorganisation had been awarded the contract by the Landesdirektion Sachsen as part of a tendering procedure. The contract runs for eight years.

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