HeliOffshore Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

HeliOffshore Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

17-Jan-2019 Source: HeliOffshore

HeliOffshore has appointed its operations director François Lassale to the new position of chief operating officer (COO). The change in management structure takes account of the rapid growth of the safety-focused association’s global membership and activities in the four years since it was formed in October 2014.

In his new role, Mr Lassale will be responsible for ensuring that HeliOffshore maintains the high calibre operations required to deliver effective enhancements that get results in the frontline. This will involve supporting member companies and programmes with a consistent operational approach and delivering the association’s established strategy and programmes in clear priority areas. The new role will support the overriding priority to implement key safety products worldwide and achieve measurable results from these.

In seeking to further strengthen HeliOffshore’s operations, the COO will focus on ensuring that the organisation’s collaborative approach has the infrastructure it needs to succeed. This involves delivering the right tools for our members’ shared work, communicating effectively and maintaining strong governance and capabilities to deliver our priorities. The reorganisation will result in a stronger focus on outcomes and requirements for programmes and greater levels of participation and transparency.

Mr Lassale will lead HeliOffshore’s Funding Committee, which is considering strategic options to help ensure the continued viability of the association. He will seek to convey the powerful value proposition for the association’s collaborative approach to enhancing safety. There will be a renewed effort to create a clear list of safety projects of high value to the offshore helicopter industry. The goal will be to achieve a sustainable pace of product delivery, a high level of engagement with all stakeholders, and effective funding and governance mechanisms. With the establishment of the new HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme, all work is guided by and measured against trusted data.

“HeliOffshore’s unprecedented collaboration for safety has expanded greatly and the time is right for us to adjust our management structure to ensure that we are well placed to achieve our full potential,” said HeliOffshore CEO Gretchen Haskins.

Prior to joining HeliOffshore in 2015, Mr Lassale was managing director of an aviation company providing turnkey solutions to the airline and corporate aviation sectors. Having started his aviation career as a pilot in the UK’s Royal Air Force, he gained extensive experience in safety management with several leading international rotary- and fixed wing operations, including the Presidential Flight of the United Arab Emirates, for which he served as director of safety and strategic development. In these roles, he also served as a Type Rating Instructor and Type Rating Examiner.

“Working with HeliOffshore members to develop and implement life-saving programmes is extremely satisfying because I know that the outcomes we are achieving will support our industry’s overall goal of bringing workers home safely every day,” commented Mr Lassale.

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