Hungary buys nine pre-owned Airbus EC135s

Hungary buys nine pre-owned Airbus EC135s 13 Feb, 19, Source:

The Hungarian military have made a block purchase of nine Airbus (ex Eurocopter) EC135P2+ helicopters.  This represented the portion of the Norwegian Air Ambulance (Norsk Luftambulanse) fleet which was superceded by later purchases including one EC135P2+, three EC135P3s and eight H135s.

Gradually over the latter months of 2018, these nine helicopters have had their ownership changed on the Norwegian civil register to “Ministry of Defense Electronics, Logistics and Property Management” at an address in Budapest, Hungary.  Starting in January, the first three have now been cancelled from the Norwegian register, and the helicopters have also been transported by road to their new owner.

One of the EC135s was involved in an incident during ground transportation.  On Monday 28th January, the truck carrying helicopter LN-OOD had a failure in its rear axle, resulting in it blocking the road when the trailer unit swung round and went over the safety barrier between the German towns of Kirchroth and Tiefenthal.  While the helicopter sat at a jaunty angle for some hours, it was reportedly undamaged in the incident, which blocked the A3 road for several hours.

Serial numbers of the nine aircraft range between 0350 and 0736, built between 2003 and 2008.

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