DRF Luftrettung – “Use of unmanned aerial vehicles in emergency medicine”

DRF Luftrettung – “Use of unmanned aerial vehicles in emergency medicine” 21 Feb, 19, Source: DRF Luftrettung
[electronic translation] DRF Luftrettung invites you to transfer knowledge to Filderstadt: Prior to the European Day of Emergency Call 112 on 11 February, the DRF Luftrettung in Filderstadt organized a workshop on the topic “Use of unmanned aerial vehicles in emergency medicine”. Experts from the fields of medicine, flight operations and research and development discussed locally opportunities and opportunities, which are opened up by the use of drones in addition to air rescue.
As host and initiator of the workshop, the DRF Luftrettung had for the first time created this platform for interdisciplinary professional exchange. An opportunity that was received very positively by the invited experts from medicine, technology, research and development. Representatives of the German Aerospace Center and German Air Traffic Control also participated in the workshop. Scenarios for the search for emergency patients, the protection of major events and terrain exploration in the event of a disaster as well as material logistics were discussed. In the open-ended discussion, the experts discussed meaningful, safe and efficient uses for “drones” in emergency medicine as a supplement to existing systems.
There was a consensus among participants that a trans-regional infrastructure for the use of drones had to be created, which would meet the legal requirements as well as meet medical, technical and financial requirements. However, the highest priority is given to the security requirements for such systems.

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