Spectrolab Launches New Searchlights for Military Rotorcraft

Spectrolab Launches New Searchlights for Military Rotorcraft 6 Mar, 19, Source: Spectrolab

Boeing [NYSE: BA] subsidiary Spectrolab, Inc. has developed two new searchlights for use on military rotorcraft.

The Nightsun® XPM and the SLL 46-200 high-intensity LED searchlights meet current Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) guidelines for both the visible and infrared light spectrums. The Nightsun® XPM was tested aboard a Boeing Chinook helicopter in late 2018. Both searchlight products are also available to the commercial market.

“These are powerful examples of Spectrolab innovation in airborne lighting that often exceeds rigorous requirements in MIL-SPEC applications,” said Tony Mueller, president of Spectrolab. “As new searchlight technology, they expand on our 50-year history of providing advanced lighting for rotorcraft platforms.”

Both products use additive manufacturing for reduced part count and improved maintainability.

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