Klimov engine repair centre opens in Vietnam

Klimov engine repair centre opens in Vietnam 29 Apr, 19, Source: Klimov

In the Vietnamese city of Vungtau, the Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILP) started work on the repair of helicopter engines of ODK-Klimov JSC (part of the United Engine Corporation of Rostec).
The Aviation Administration of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam certified the new center. The ILP Center is equipped with the necessary equipment, spare parts and units for repairing engines developed by the JDC-Klimov. Until the end of April, it is planned to repair four more engines that are operated in Vietnam.
Russian specialists of ODK-Klimov carry out the average repair of Klimov engines such as TV3-117 and VK-2500, which are in operation in Vietnam. The Russian side supplies parts and assemblies, spare parts, trains personnel to maintain engines and main gearboxes. The Vietnamese side provided support staff to accompany the work. Vietnamese experts have already received certificates of ODK-Klimov JSC on successful familiarization with the process of average repair of engines. With their help, UDK-Klimov employees successfully carried out a pilot repair of the first TV3-117VM ser.02 engine for the Mi-17-1B helicopter. This helicopter is operated in civil aviation of Vietnam for passenger traffic. The engine received damage due to a foreign object.

Certification of support staff is a mandatory procedure necessary to ensure the operation of the center and the repair process. Even those who are not directly involved in the process of repairing engines should be aware of the operations taking place at this time, since otherwise, their actions in ignorance of many of the subtleties of the conducted manipulations can lead to errors or failures, which is unacceptable. As part of the certification of the technological procedure for the implementation of the average repair of engines of the TV3-117 family and their models, Vietnamese specialists got acquainted with all the stages of repair. Instructions were conducted by mentors from ODK-Klimov, after which it was required to answer the test questions. In particular, at the technological stage “Engine Component Control” it was necessary to give an answer about the existing types of contouring,
Recall that in October 2018, the ODK-Klimov JSC and the Vietnamese company HELICOPTER TECHNICAL SERVICE COMPANY signed a distribution agreement for the maintenance of engines. This work is aimed at the active development of the service area of the JDC-Klimov, whose core competencies also include the development and production of engines for helicopters and airplanes.
“In our development plans for the center – providing support for the operation of the fleet of engines and main gearboxes operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Australia, India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,” Director of JSC “ODK-Klimov” Alexander Vatagin.
The ILP center is located on the territory of the Vietnamese helicopter service company HELICOPTER TECHNICAL SERVICE COMPANY, which is engaged in the service of helicopters of Russian origin. It serves as a distributor of engines such as TV3-117 and VK-2500.

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