RAF Odiham choose Peli

RAF Odiham choose Peli 6 May, 19, Source: Peli UK

Peli UK foam specialists have designed a bespoke packaging solution for a Chinook Helicopter torque maintenance kit which is now in service at RAF Odiham.
The kit had previously been housed in a special to type container. This had a high centre of gravity causing them to topple over when handled. They were not man portable as they did not have wheels and required a wooden pallet to move them. Significant damage resulted to the container and contents as shown here.
Peli foam specialists were asked to provide an alternative solution.

The Peli team devised a custom foam insert within a waterproof, wheeled Peli Hardigg case. The bespoke foam insert was designed with pockets to fit the various parts of the kit; load spreaders were included due to the weight of the items.
A Peli 1520 case is included to enable the contents to be sent away for regular re-calibration.
The foam insert also features a laser engraved parts list to provide a description of each item. Peli UK delivered a cost efficient packaging solution which was considerably cheaper and two thirds the size of the previous container.

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