Sikorsky Dedicates Stratford Hangar to Son of Company’s Founder

Sikorsky Dedicates Stratford Hangar to Son of Company’s Founder 3 Jun, 19, Source: Sikorsky

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company (NYSE: LMT), renamed its military hangar the Sergei I. Sikorsky Flight Center, on May 16, to honor Sergei Sikorsky’s many achievements. Several Sikorsky employees, community members and 40 Coast Guardsmen gathered with Sergei and his family to celebrate the dedication.

“Every helicopter that comes off our final assembly line will now leave this hangar under the name, Sergei I. Sikorsky,” said Dan Schultz, Sikorsky President. “Sergei’s commitment to our company continues to this day and has been an amazing example of passion for our products, customers and rotorcraft innovation.”

Son of aviation pioneer – Igor Sikorsky, Sergei first flew in an aircraft at eight years old, began his career at Sikorsky in 1942 and retired in 1992. He continues to serve as a consultant and ambassador for Sikorsky and his career achievements have left a lasting impression on the aviation community.

“I have fond memories of Sikorsky Aircraft – starting in the hangar with the VS300 and watching the company build bigger and better and always at the tip of technology,” Said Sergei Sikorsky. All of this would not be possible without the skill and the dedication… of every single person that has worked here at Sikorsky Aircraft.”

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