30 years of Christoph 51 in service

30 years of Christoph 51 in service 13 Jun, 19, Source: DRF Luftrettung

30 years ago, the DRF Luftrettung at the airport Stuttgart “Christoph 51” in service. The state-of-the-art machine has since provided more than 24,300 jobs and is an indispensable component of emergency medical care in Baden-Württemberg. Since 2009, the helicopter is stationed at the airfield Pattonville.

“‘Christoph 51’ is the intensive care helicopter in Baden-Württemberg, which is most frequently alerted during the day when seriously ill or injured patients have to be transported from one clinic to another,” emphasizes Thomas Roth. The pilot and station manager of the Stuttgart station starts with his colleagues every year to more than 1,100 missions. For many of their patients, the flight on board “Christoph 51” is their last chance of survival. “We carry out a great many medically demanding transports, for example of premature infants in the incubator, the so-called incubator.”

But the mobile heart-lung machine, the so-called ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is also used regularly. It can be used to transport patients whose heart or lungs fail, while retaining intensive care therapy. The Stuttgart station of the DRF Luftrettung is one of the few helicopter stations in Germany to carry out the complex procedure.

Thomas Roth emphasizes the claim of the ward: “Over the years and in cooperation with the Klinikum Ludwigsburg, we have built up a great deal of expertise and experience in the field of preclinical emergency medicine and intensive care. In order to continuously expand this knowledge and to share it with our colleagues from rescue services, control centers and clinics, our Christoph Days regularly take place in cooperation with the Leonberg station. Because only with the aspiration to become better and better, and hand in hand with our partners, we reach our most important goal, to provide our patients with the best possible care. ”

The Stuttgart station of the DRF Luftrettung
The Stuttgart helicopter of the DRF Luftrettung is operational daily from 8.00 am to sunset and is staffed by experienced pilots, emergency physicians and emergency medical staff.

In addition to fast and gentle transports of intensive care patients between clinics, the helicopter, which is equipped like a flying intensive care unit, is used in emergency cases as a quick emergency doctor feeder and for the transport of emergency patients in hospitals. For emergencies he is alerted to the districts of Ludwigsburg, Rems-Murr, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Schwäbisch Hall, Hohenlohe, Esslingen, Pforzheim, Ostalb, Calw, Goeppingen, Reutlingen, Tübingen and Zollern-Alb. He can reach locations within a radius of 60 kilometers in a maximum of 15 minutes by air.

The station was put into operation on June 9, 1989 by the DRF Luftrettung at Stuttgart Airport. The first helicopter stationed there was a Bell 206 Long Ranger. In October 1989 it was converted to the Eurocopter BO 105 and in December 1993 to a Eurocopter BK 117. “Christoph 51” has been stationed since 1st October 2009 at the airfield Pattonville. Since August 25, 2017, a helicopter of the type EC 145 is used.

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