SEI Industries demos the BAMBI MAX with Eagle Copters

SEI Industries demos the BAMBI MAX with Eagle Copters 2 Jul, 19, Source: SEI Industries

SEI Industries and Eagle Copters South America hosted a BAMBI MAX Aerial Firefighting System information session which was followed by a demonstration using a Bell 407 supplied by AeroMAX. The simulations included filling the BAMBI MAX with water from a collapsible and self-supporting FireFlex Pumpkin Tank, also manufactured by SEI Industries.
“The BAMBI MAX features a lightweight, low power draw, efficient multiple-drop valve that maximizes the bucket load throughout the fuel cycle,” explains Sergio Fukamati, director of SEI’s Aerial Firefighting Division. “The standard BAMBI Bucket has evolved over the years and now the BAMBI MAX is the most advanced bucket system available for the fight against wildfires.”
The BAMBI MAX is available in 14 different models, each one with a different weight and capacity for water, retardant or foam. The BAMBI MAX Bucket capacities range from 180 US gallons (680 litres) to 2590 US gallons (9800 liters) and many are available with options such as the PowerFill Snorkel, PowerFill Max and Sacksafoam.
The legendary BAMBI bucket is now used in more than 115 countries around the world by more than 1000 helicopter operators.

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